The Best Cookie-Delivery Services Of 2022

People love cookies. Though there are only eight basic types of the dessert — from bar cookies to drop cookies to sandwich cookies — there are a seemingly infinite number of flavors and even more recipes. Per Grand View Research, it's estimated that the global cookie industry will grow to over $44 billion in annual revenue by 2025. That's a lot of money spent on cookies.

Although it's fun to bake cookies, sometimes — well, most of the time — it's even easier to have them delivered. And unless your skills are on par with those of a professional, purchasing them is probably tastier, too.

Luckily for us, there are hundreds of cookie-delivery services, each one serving something fresh and delicious that can be shipped right to your door. To help you whittle down your options, we rounded up the top ones. Trust us, you're going to want to bookmark this page. These are the best cookie-delivery services of 2022.

How we chose

Choosing the best cookie-delivery services is not an easy task. As noted, there are hundreds to choose from, and we don't take these decisions lightly. We know how much you care about cookies, and we do, too.

To make our choices, we first selected the categories. We used our own customer experiences to determine what's most important in choosing a cookie-delivery service, like price, flavor, ingredients, and technology. From there, we gathered options and carefully considered the pros and cons of each before narrowing down to just a few options in each category.

To make our final calls, we looked to reviews. We don't just want suggestions that we like — we want suggestions that others like, too. After weighing the opinions of others, we made our final choices in each category, and we're confident that these cookie-delivery services will bring you immense amounts of joy should you choose to patronize them.

Best overall

What started as a New York City bakery has turned into a national sensation, and for good reason. Pastry chef Christina Tosi — who is also a James Beard award winner — began her venture in 2008 and now has some of the most popular cookies in the country. Equally known for its cakes, Milk Bar has a cookie-delivery service that is top-tier. Milk Bar gained notoriety thanks to its unique flavor offerings, like cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow and blueberry & cream, and it's stayed popular because the cookies are really good. The flavors rotate throughout the year, but certain ones are available for customers at all times.

For those who don't live near one of Milk Bar's brick-and-mortar locations or want variety beyond the flavors sold at Target, cookie tins are available to order in various packages, like assorted or sampler. The cookies come individually wrapped, keeping their freshness and making them easy to share. Although the confections are a little pricy, they're well worth it for a taste of this iconic bakery. Others find Milk Bar worth the hype, too. As Honest Brand Reviews said, "We believe in the power that baked goods have and have a soft spot for bakeries that do something different. In Milk Bar's case, the difference paid off."

Milk Bar cookie packages are available here starting at $27 for a six-count assorted tin.

Best splurge

Another New York City-based sweets shop, Levain Bakery is known for its legendary puffy cookies that have the texture of clouds and the taste of heaven. Many home bakers have attempted to duplicate its signature chocolate chip cookies, but nothing quite comes close to the real thing. There's a reason for the copycat recipes beyond the unbelievable taste and texture of Levain's cookies — the price. Levain is a gourmet bakery, and it comes with gourmet prices. Hovering around $7 per cookie for its lowest-priced delivery, it's not a feasible purchase for everyone. The cost per cookie decreases the more you purchase, but the total cost, of course, increases.

But if you can swallow the price, you'll definitely be impressed. Flavors range from chocolate chip walnut to dark chocolate peanut butter chip to oatmeal raisin. As one customer noted, "So happy I ordered cookies to be shipped from Levain! The cookies came quickly and were extremely well packaged and protected! My teens loved the special treat."

Staying true to its roots, Levain sells only cookies, and the flavor options are limited. But it more than makes up for that in cookie quality. Buy Levain cookies here for as low as $29 for a four-pack.

Best affordable

There are cookies available for affordable prices, and the best place to find them is David's Cookies. This bakery has a delightful assortment to choose from in classic flavors that'll make your nostalgic heart sing. Tins are available in 1- or 2-pound packages, and the most you'll pay for a single cookie is just over $2. In the cookie world, it's a total bargain, and in terms of quality, you get far more than you paid for.

David's has already served loads of happy customers. As one shared, "David's Cookies are super soft n chewy. Absolutely Delicious. If looking to try a brand to buy the rest of your non ending cookie buys, look no further. Taste like Southern Homemade. Outstanding."

David's doesn't just do cookies. If you want an affordable bakery where you can find a variety of confections, this is the place. Brownies, cakes, and cheesecakes can all be purchased through David's, as can its cookie dough, all for prices that are hard to complain about. To get in on the magic, purchase David's Cookies here starting at $32.95 for a 1-pound tin.

Best individually wrapped

Although you might be purchasing cookies through the mail for yourself, it's equally likely you'll be purchasing them for someone else. And when purchasing for a group, it's far more convenient to have your cookies come in individually wrapped packages, which is exactly what you get with Sugarwish.

Sugarwish has dozens of flavors, some static and some seasonal, and it offers vegan, keto, and gluten-free options as well. You can choose from frosted or non-frosted. It also has toppings like sugar, sprinkles, and crushed pretzels on others. It's a delightful assortment for any cookie lover. Sugarwish is a bit expensive, but considering the convenience of the individual wrapping, it's money well spent. And while you're at it, you can purchase packages beyond just cookies. The service also sells candies, popcorns, beverages, and dog treats.

Sugarwish also makes ordering easy. As Taste of Home noted, "There is truly something for everyone. Plus, thanks to the wide variety of delivery options, you can send a gift with just your recipient's email or phone number." Sugarwish is the perfect option for holidays, birthdays, and more. Sugarwish cookies can be purchased here starting at $23 for a mini pack with two cookies.

Best flavor assortment

We have an undying love for small bakeries that stick to their signature flavor options. They know what they do well, and they don't deviate. However, it's just as nice to find a place with a wide assortment of flavor options, and that's Mouth.

Mouth is a food- and drink-delivery service that partners with small-batch makers so it can provide more options than any one person reasonably needs, but every single person wants. While many cookie-delivery services stick to the classic flavors — chocolate chip, sugar, etc. — Mouth offers shortbread cookies, gingersnaps, coconut macaroons, and more. If you're craving a lost cookie from your childhood and have scoured the earth in search of it only to come up short, check Mouth. It almost certainly has it.

Mouth also has a great website. With all of the options available, it can be overwhelming to sift and find what you're looking for, but the website comes with handy keyword filters to make browsing and purchasing easy. And once your purchase arrives, you'll be pleased. As one reviewer said, "Since each product in every Mouth box is unique and handmade, they're sure to delight anyone you know who considers themselves a gourmet." You can purchase a cookie from Mouth here for as low as $3.50.

Best organic

Organic cookies are hard to come by. And organic cookies that actually taste like non-organic cookies? Nearly impossible. Stop searching for a recipe of your own and turn to Bang Cookies. This cookie-delivery service offers only organic treats, and if you weren't aware they were organic, you wouldn't know the difference.

As one reviewer on Yelp said, "Got bang'd and it was sinfully good. Made with organic and natural ingredients, these thick cookies are massive and decadent. They have a crispy, crunchy outside with a soft, moist middle and are perfect for when you want to indulge."

Bang has dozens of cookie flavors to choose from, including two stuffed options and four deluxe. They're balanced and delicious, and you'll only be upset you didn't discover this bakery sooner. Bang also sells cookie cakes, brownies, and organic milk, so no matter your confectionary vice, you'll have something to wash it down with. It's undoubtedly one of the best cookie-delivery services available. Purchase Bang Cookies here starting at $5 a cookie.

Best for dietary restrictions

Organic is well and good, but some customers need to more closely monitor their ingredients. If you fall into that category, check out Partake. Partake sells products that are vegan, gluten-free, and free of the top nine allergens plaguing human beings. If you're allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, soy, eggs, sesame, or dairy, you can order from Partake with confidence. And if you prefer cookies without GMOs, artificial flavors, or artificial preservatives, this is the service for you.

Now, we can imagine what you're thinking. If Partake doesn't use any of those aforementioned ingredients, how can its cookies taste good? Trust us, you wouldn't know the difference if we hadn't told you. And if you don't trust us, trust another source. As one reviewer on Pure Wow said, "After trying my fair share of plant-based snacks, I came to the conclusion that I could never, ever stick to a vegan diet. But now that I've tried Partake's tasty cookies, I'm starting to reconsider that statement." A cookie that can make you reconsider your entire diet? Yeah, Partake is pretty good.

Try Partake here for as little as $16.49 for three 5.5-ounce boxes.

Best customization

Many cookie-delivery services offer customization options, but none are as good as Mrs. Fields. Mrs. Fields delivers packages of delightful goodness that let you choose every last cookie in your tin. And with its variety of flavors, you'll almost certainly get a cookie you can't resist. You don't have to order a custom basket if you don't want to, though. Mrs. Fields has plenty of pre-assembled packages, as well.

One pre-packaged option is its chocolate chip cookies, and customers are particularly taken with it. As one customer said on Influenster, "Love all Mrs Fields cookies especially these. I only buy on special occasions because I would eat the entire package. Recommend others to try this brand if looking for a good cookie."

Mrs. Fields also sells cookie cakes, brownies, berries and fresh fruit, coffee cakes, and more, and it has nut-free gifts available. There's also a cookie club you can join or gift to others, meaning a steady supply of tasty cookies throughout the entire year. Visit here to purchase Mrs. Fields cookies for as low as $29.99 for a tin of 60 bite-sized cookies.

Best app

Looking to order cookies straight from your phone? Look no further than Insomnia Cookies. Insomnia is a cookie-delivery service with a mobile app that makes ordering its delicious cookies a breeze. With the Insomnia app, customers can order cookies, track their order, earn points for future discounts, and easily reorder based on past purchases. There are dozens of cookie-delivery services to choose from, but very few have an app, setting Insomnia apart from its competition.

Insomnia doesn't just deserve praise for its app. It's also a legitimately good cookie-delivery service. Its products are quality, and it's got a remarkable variety with classic flavors, unique flavors, and options for those with dietary restrictions. Along with its mobile app, Insomnia has one special product that sets it apart: its cookie sandwich. There are four sandwich options — two with ice cream centers and two with icing centers — and each is a gooey daydream of cookie goodness. Insomnia also has brownies and ice cream available for purchase. As one customer on Yelp said, "Insomnia Cookies are always beyond delicious. Warning: If it's your first time going, just know it won't be your last."

You can order Insomnia cookies here starting at $11 for a six-pack.

Best with other food

Lots of cookie-delivery services offer goods other than cookies, but none does it quite as well as Goldbelly. This business has it all. Pizza, bagels, sandwiches, cakes — if you want it, you can probably find it at Goldbelly. That's because this is a different kind of delivery service. It's a marketplace, so it offers products from lots of different stores from across the country. Fell in love with a cookie shop in Seattle? Look for it on Goldbelly. Can't stop thinking about those macaroons from Chicago? Goldbelly will sate your craving. Why stick to one shop's products when you can get dozens from Goldbelly?

As one reviewer on Trustpilot said, "From the website to the delivery to the quality of food, Goldbelly gets an A+ rating. They never fail to deliver the best kind of service and [they] make it so easy to purchase for yourself or for a gift. The only problem is trying to decide from the extensive menu of foods — they all look wonderful."

Get in on the magic that is Goldbelly here and purchase cookies for as low as $14 for an eight-pack.

Best for decorating

If you're as obsessed as we are with videos of professionals decorating cookies and want to try your hand at the skill, purchase yourself a cookie-decorating kit from Pretty Little Bakers. Few cookie-delivery services offer this, and the ones that do often don't do it well.

Pretty Little Bakers includes everything anyone who wants to decorate a cookie could need: delicious sugar cookies in assorted shapes, royal icing in piping bags, and sprinkles to go on top. It's expertly assembled to make frosting cookies yourself as simple as possible. And though the outcome might not be as Instagram-worthy as a professional's, it'll definitely be fun to try. Many customers who've purchased one of these kits before say they are more than pleased with the product. As one customer on Yelp noted, "We ordered the Valentine's Day DIY cookie boxes that came with the supplies! The cookies were fresh and it was such a fun activity for my husband and I!" Another said, "I could see [owner] Kellie [Knezovich] put a lot of care assembling each individual package with cookies, a mini frosting bag, and sprinkles in its own bag."

You can purchase a DYI kit with a dozen cookies from Pretty Little Bakers here for $40.

Best frosting

In the world of cookie delivery, Cheryl's Cookies is an iconic service. Cheryl's has long been delivering tasty cookies to every corner of the country, and for anyone who loves frosting, it's the best place to visit. Cheryl's uses a toothsome buttercream frosting that's got a near-perfect texture and taste. It complements the cookie splendidly and is exceptional to bite into. Many of those who's tried Cheryl's Cookies are taken with its frosting. One customer on Influenster shared, "I love these cookies! They are so delicious! The buttercream is heavenly!" Another one added, "I love them. The frosted sugar cookies are amazing."

Cheryl's also offers cookie sandwiches, unfrosted cookies, and brownies. Its facility is certified kosher, and it can send its desserts individually wrapped. You can order by occasion as well as by price, and you're certain to be pleased with the outcome.

You can purchase a package of Cheryl's unmatched frosted cookies here for as low as $29.99 a dozen.

Best protein cookies

In need of some extra protein? We can't blame you for wanting to choose a cookie as your source, and The Protein Bakery is the place to go. Based out of New York City, The Protein Bakery ships across the nation, bringing its protein-packed cookies to everyone in search of a dessert that doubles as sustenance. The Protein Bakery has cookies available in nine flavors, and they can be purchased individually or in packs. Each cookie delivers 8 grams of protein. Per the Mayo Clinic, the recommended daily allowance for average adult is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of weight, so the 16 grams in a cookie two-packs would be about a fourth of the recommended daily intake for the average adult female, and about a fifth for the average adult male.

The store also offers brownies and blondies, both of which come with the business's signature punch of protein. Customers don't just like the source of protein. They like the flavor, too. One customer on Tripadvisor shared, "The cookies and blondies taste great and satisfy my hunger with the protein in it. The flavors are delicious and the cookies are good as well."

You can purchase cookies from The Protein Bakery here starting at $3.75 for a two-pack.