Guy Fieri's Worst Thanksgiving Memory Is Straight Out Of 'A Christmas Story'

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude for all that you have, but Guy Fieri doesn't need a special holiday for that. "I give thanks every day. I really do. I'm just surrounded by great people and great opportunities and that to me is ... every day is Thanksgiving," he told ABC News back in 2008.

But treating every day like Turkey Day doesn't mean the newly re-elected Mayor of Flavortown doesn't go all out for what is arguably the most important meal of the year. The Food Network star explained that when he was growing up, his father would put together a massive feast for Thanksgiving regardless of how many people were actually going to be sitting around the dinner table. It often included some non-traditional grub like leg of lamb and salmon. Now that Fieri has assumed the role of head chef for the holiday, he's continued to do the exact same thing. "Thanksgiving to me ... I cannot do it normal," he said, noting that dishes like ravioli, prime rib, and pastrami are often on the menu alongside the typical fixings of the meal.

Like his father, Fieri cooks for a crowd, with Eater reporting that he typically hosts as many as 60 people for the holiday. But while the chef is more than prepared to feed the masses, he can also recall at least one Thanksgiving when things didn't go quite as planned.

Every dog has its Turkey Day

Thanksgiving produces some of the best leftovers known to man. In fact, a One Poll survey conducted last year found that about 70% of Americans surveyed actually prefer a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich to the actual meal (via Study Finds). Additionally, 56% of people think the holiday is ruined if there aren't any leftovers to munch on the next day, which may explain why Guy Fieri's worst Thanksgiving memory involved people upset over food left in the wrong place.

During a recent interview with Eater, the spikey-haired chef explained that his family makes an extra turkey every year on Thanksgiving with the intention of using it for sandwiches the next day. However, one year, the bird didn't reach its final destination. "Someone handed the wrong bag to the wrong person, and the turkey ended up being left outside overnight," he recalled, noting that the scene the next morning was a "turkey massacre."

"You remember the movie 'A Christmas Story?' The scene where the dogs came in and ate the turkey? It went down in that kind of form," he said. Naturally, the family tried to determine who was to blame for the mishap – but Fieri insisted that he "absolutely, 100% unequivocally was not involved in said disaster." We'll take your word for it, chef, but considering how beloved Turkey Day leftovers are, perhaps you should tack on another extra bird in case something like that ever happens again.