The Pioneer Woman's Ice Cream Goes 'Splat' During New Cover Shoot

Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, is known for her hilariously relatable content on Instagram, like when she showcased her less-than-perfect package opening skills during the launch of her "Super Easy!" cookbook last summer and when she shared TMI about her husband, Ladd. The chef isn't afraid to be honest and sometimes talks about her past while cooking, like when she posted about walking through the mall "to meet cute guys" as she was whipping up potato skins.

Thankfully for us, Ree Drummond's recent post is both honest and hilarious. While posing for the cover of her food and lifestyle publication, "The Pioneer Woman Magazine," Drummond was seen standing on top of a picnic table with a delicious-looking double-scoop ice cream cone. 

Just as the chef started to rotate the cone in her hands to get a perfectly posed shot, the ice cream promptly fell to the ground which elicited a surprised look from Drummond. In true Pioneer Woman Style, she took the ice cream-fueled mishap in stride and posted the incident to her Instagram page so her fans could share in the fun. Even though the moment may have been a bit embarrassing on set, it gave Drummond's followers a chance to see just how down to Earth the home cook turned celebrity chef really is.

Drummond's fans praise her in the comments

Ree Drummond's fans were quick to point out that even though her photoshoot may not have gone as planned, her talent with food still shone through. Making an observation about the way Drummond's ice cream looked once it hit the ground, one commenter had this to say, "And it hit the ground so perfectly! If I'd have spilled it, it would not have resembled ice cream at all." 

Of course, we know that sometimes real food isn't used in pictures, and that's just what one user thought who said "I thought to myself 'that's not a real ice cream she wouldn't be holding it like that it would fall off' then splat, it was a real ice cream."

Yet another Instagrammer pointed out that even though the ice cream may have fallen into the dirt, the five-second rule still applied. Drummond herself made a similar joke with her caption for the post, stating that "the dirt added a nice crunch." The ice cream does look tasty, but not that tasty.

The Pioneer Woman Magazine is published four times a year, traditionally released in the spring, summer, and fall, with Holiday editions. While it's unclear which issue Drummond's ice cream-themed shoot will appear in, if at all, we'll be sure to recall this fun post when we see it.