The New McDonald's Christmas Commercial Is An Emotional Sleigh Ride

Certain expectations come with the Christmas season. These can include time spent with family, presents, ornament-laden trees, and a hefty dose of holiday spirit. Another inevitable occurrence, of course, is that whenever you turn on the TV, you'll find a marathon of seasonal movies and shows. Throw into the mix a large variety of commercials with the obvious aim of tugging on your heartstrings, and you've just about summed up the season. 

Some commercials are so emotional that they make you wonder if you're actually watching a short film instead of an ad — such as those by McDonald's, which is no stranger to TV spots that bring tears to the eyes of many. Last year, McDonalds' U.K. Christmas ad had the internet tearing up over a story called "Imaginary Iggy," featuring a little girl with an imaginary friend who helps her gain confidence. As the girl ages, she casts the fuzzy blue friend aside and starts to forget — until, as an adult, she's at a McDonald's during the holiday season and sees a kid with an imaginary friend, causing her to remember her own. When she finally reopens the door to her old friend with the audio overlay of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time," you may be reaching for the tissues.

Get your Kleenex ready

According to Cubery, McDonald's has been creating "Are You Reindeer Ready" commercials in the U.K. since 2017. Each features a heartfelt story around the holiday season that's meant to not only inspire tears, but also to remind people about the spirit of Christmas. The fast food chain's 2022 ad is no exception. Featuring the Yazoo song, "Only You" (covered by Becky Hill), the commercial shows a boy creating an extremely lengthy Christmas list. The handwritten creation blows away, and the boy is devastated that he couldn't capture it. To make him feel better, his parents take him to McDonald's. When the boy's mother asks him what was on his list, he seems to remember that he's got all he needs right with him: his family.

Metro reported that the ad, which premiered over the weekend, has "left people emotionally wrecked." Titled "The List," the commercial was created by the director of "The King's Speech," Tom Hopper. People took to social media to express their disbelief that a McDonald's commercial was bringing them to tears. "Did the McDonald's Christmas ad really make me cry? Yes!" said one Twitter user. Another admitted, "Having watched both the John Lewis and McDonald's adverts this morning I shall be spending the rest of the day dealing with allergies/dust in my eyes." As this season's tearjerkers continue, you may want to prepare for a good cry at a moment's notice.