Foods You Can Binge Without Gaining Weight

Do you ever have those days when all you want to do is snack? Usually this results in reaching for whatever is convenient, resulting in poor eating choices that will increase the likelihood of weight gain. If only there were a way to snack when you want to and not gain weight. Well, if you snack right, you'll find there is a way. Not all snacks pack on the pounds. Here are some tasty snack foods that let you munch away without worrying about your waistline.


Eating grapefruit for breakfast is not only a great way to start the day, it's also a great snack to eat all day long. Studies have shown that grapefruit juice increases weight loss, meaning you can eat and eat and not gain weight. One such study found that obese patients who were given half a grapefruit or grapefruit juice before each meal three times a day experienced a significant amount of weight loss after a 12-week period. Along with aiding in weight loss, grapefruit has a host of health benefits that make it worth consuming. This juicy citrus fruit is packed with vitamin C, improves digestions, and can reduce the risk of various health problems. Half a grapefruit for breakfast anyone?


An apple a day does more than keep the doctor away, it also allows you to snack all day without gaining weight. Apples are fibrous fruits that are low in calories, about 45 calories per serving. Both of these factors are key when it comes to warding off the weight. Fiber increases the feeling of fullness decreasing the likelihood of overeating, while a low caloric diet means you have less to burn when keeping off the pounds. So go ahead, munch on an apple a day, or several for that matter.


Eggs are a low-calorie, protein-packed food with essential minerals and vitamins. Munching on eggs not only allows you to reap these health benefits, but it also boost weight loss. A study by the Rochester Center for Obesity Research showed that having eggs for breakfast decreased daily caloric intake by 400 calories — that's a whole meal! Hard boil a few and keep them around for when your next snack attack strikes.


The summer is full of wonderful seasonal fruits, but none may be as enticing as those tiny juicy blueberries. It's hard not to eat an entire basket in one sitting when they're ripe for the picking. Luckily, thanks to their wonderful health benefits, you can eat as many baskets as you want without all the guilt.

According to Women's Fitness, a study by the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center found that eating blueberries may reduce belly fat. They also found that blueberries may reduce the risk cardiovascular disease. Add that in with all the free-radical neutralizing antioxidants blueberries contain, and you have a superfood worth indulging in.


Some beverages can pack on the pounds without you even realizing it, but not tea. The wonderful thing about sipping on tea all day is that you won't gain weight — as long as you leave out all the sweeteners and cream. In fact, you can actually lose weight when drinking certain varieties. According to Shape, drinking some teas can boost your metabolism and prevents fat cells from forming. If you're a sipper and want to enjoy tea all day long, try varieties like green tea, oolong tea, white tea, and rooibos tea. Each has its own benefits that help to keep your waistline slim.


By now you've probably been told that celery is ideal for keeping off the pounds, but do you know why? Celery boasts a trifecta of benefits when it comes to snacking, and snacking, and snacking, and not gaining any weight. To sum it up, it's low in calories, fibrous, and contains a high water content. A single cup of celery — sorry, you have to leave out the peanut butter — is only 16 calories. It's also 95 percent water, so it not only hydrates you, but it makes you feel fuller. Speaking of feeling fuller, the fiber content is about 2 grams per cup, keeping you full longer. As long as you can ditch the dips, you can munch on celery all day and not worry about calories.


Like celery, cucumbers also have three health benefits that prevent weight gain while binge eating them. Cucumbers have a high water content (about 95 percent) and contain only 16 calories per one-cup serving. Also like celery, they contain fiber to help keep you full, with the only drawback being it's in the skin. If you're going to munch on cucumbers all day, it's best to leave the skins on to gain the full benefits.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is low in calories, high in protein, and has a low-glycemic index. Being a low-glycemic food, cottage cheese won't cause blood sugar to spike. This in turn keeps blood sugar stable along with your metabolism. One study even found that cottage cheese is as satiating as eggs. If you need to get your cheese snack fix in, sub it out for cottage cheese instead.


Lean meat like turkey is an excellent snack that keep you thin while boosting your protein intake. According to LiveStrong, lean meats fill you up and build muscle mass, which is important in weight loss. When it comes to keeping off the pounds, turkey is best. Turkey has less fat and calories than other meats like chicken, pork, steak, and lamb. Pack a few slices in your lunch and snack at your leisure when you feel hunger kicking in.


Speaking of meat, fish is another excellent protein source that keeps the pounds off. According to SF Gate, one study showed that overweight men who ate fish three times a week over an eight-week period lost more weight than those that didn't incorporate fish in their diet. If it's the fat you're worried about, you should know that fish contains healthy fats, meaning it's good for your health. Just be sure to stay away from fried fish. Fish may be healthy, but when you load it up in extra calories and frying oil, you undo the health benefits.


Have you ever noticed how full you get when munching on broccoli? That's because this cruciferous vegetable is loaded with fiber. A single serving of steamed broccoli meets 20 percent of the daily fiber recommendation, while there are less than 50 calories per serving. While you may be tempted to lather your broccoli in cheddar cheese or dip it in ranch dressing until the bottle runs dry, if you're going to binge, you'll have to leave out the extra stuff.


By now you probably know that kale is a superfood that can do wonders when it comes to your health. But did you know that kale is high in both fiber and protein? Those are the reasons you can eat as much kale as your heart desires and not gain weight. A one-cup serving will only cost you 33 calories, and each serving is loaded in antioxidants. And with the invention of recipes like kale chips, you can snack all day long.


In my world, tomatoes go on everything. From salads to sandwiches and everything in between, their juicy flavor pairs incredibly with a variety of dishes that I just can't get enough of. Which is a good thing because this fruit —or veggie depending upon who you're talking too — will let you snack all day without gaining weight. Full of lycopene, vitamins, potassium, and fiber, tomatoes are an excellent answer to your binge snacking.

If you're new to snacking on tomatoes, try this dangerously easy two-ingredient tomato and herb recipe. Fresh and satisfying, you'll want to eat this snack all day every day.


High fiber, high protein, and low-glycemic foods are key in keeping off the extra pounds. That's why legumes make the list as a healthy snack — they have all three. According to Reuters, one study showed that those who ate three quarters of a cup daily lost more weight compared to participants who didn't incorporate legumes into their diet. Cook some up and make a simple salad with salt, pepper, and lime juice for a satiating snack you can feel good about eating.


Popcorn often gets a bad rap when it comes to snacking. This is in part because it's saturated in butter or loaded with salt, taking away from its health factor. When done right, however, popcorn can be a tasty snack you can pop all day long. According to LiveStrong, popcorn is a whole grain that controls hunger and prevents overeating. Since popcorn has few calories compared to serving size, eating air-popped popcorn instead of foods high in calories like a bag of chips may help you lose weight. As long as you aren't loading your popcorn up with extra calories like they do at the movie theaters, popcorn is an excellent snack choice.