Gordon Ramsay Totally Approves Of One TikToker's Fish And Chips

Gordon Ramsay is a somewhat polarizing figure. He has legions of fans, including more than 34 million followers on TikTok. But there are also controversial things about Ramsay that can be hard to ignore, including a few "Kitchen Nightmares" scandals. One prominent food writer even called out Ramsay's allegedly "abusive" behavior towards his restaurant employees. Love him or hate him, idolize or fear him, one thing that pretty much everyone can agree on is that the chef is intimidating.

But even more terrifying than cooking for Ramsay in one of his restaurants, or even cooking for him on television, is putting yourself on Ramsay's radar in a social media video. Masochistic home cooks often share videos of themselves cooking their takes on classic recipes like beef Wellington or scrambled eggs and tag the chef, asking for his feedback. Seemingly unable to hide his disdain, the fiery Ramsay just has to call out kitchen fails when he sees them. But every now and then he responds to a diamond in the rough, a recipe he actually approves of. That is what happened when one account posted a TikTok video making what they called "Gordon Ramsay-style" fish and chips.

Ramsay approved of this technique

Gordon Ramsay is a British chef, and he holds traditional British foods near and dear to his heart. Just look at his fixation on beef Wellington — a section of his website is even dedicated to the history of the dish. Another iconic English dish? Fish and chips, a meal of French fries and crispy battered white fish, has been eaten in England since the 1860s (via Great British Mag). So it takes serious guts to mention Gordon Ramsay's name in a fish and chips cooking video, but that's exactly what one brave TikToker did.

The video creator said in their TikTok, "Of course, I had to do it Gordon Ramsay-style," and mixed up a curry powder-seasoned beer batter for their fish. "Let's go, girl!" Ramsay exclaimed in his reaction video. The chef did take issue with the TikToker using halibut instead of cod, because "it's too dry a fish to fry." He also said the batter consistency was too thick, but he approved of the creator's shallow frying technique, basting the fish in oil, and double frying the chips to make sure they get really crispy. "You're makin' magic girl!" Ramsay enthusiastically said at the end of the video. "If Gordon approves u know u going places," one person wrote, getting more than 34,000 likes. It goes to show that everyone knows that if you can get on Ramsay's good side, you're one of the lucky ones.