Gordon Ramsay Called Out A Kitchen Fail And Fans Are There For It

Gordon Ramsay and TikTok are a match made in heaven: teeming with amateur chefs, the video platform provides Ramsay with a virtually endless supply of kitchen nightmares to react to. If you can dream it, Ramsay's seen it. Molten hot magma hot dogs might be too hot for "Hell's Kitchen," but not for TikTok. Tuna slathered with Nutella was a sight for disbelieving eyes. Steak cut in the shape of a wedding cake? (What is actually wrong with these TikTok chefs?)

The latest in the series finds Ramsay reacting to yet another "kitchen fail" – this one involving scrambled eggs, a heated stovetop, and an unsteady hand. In a first-person POV clip, a TikToker attempts to pour a bowl of whisked eggs into a hot pan. Impossible to mess up, right? Wrong. The would-be chef pours the eggs smoothly enough, but then loses their grip on the bowl, dropping it on the floor and knocking over the pan in the process. The blunder is made all the more hilarious by the fact that the video's text overlay reads "master chef who" and appears to include a winking face emoticon. Ramsay, whose name is synonymous with "MasterChef," takes them to task. "Master chef?!" he exclaims in the cutaway. "Get a grip!"

The kitchen fail was then roasted many times over

Gordon Ramsay's followers were delighted with the #ramsayreacts video, viewing it 30 million times on TikTok and plastering it with nearly 19,000 comments. In the context of Ramsay's TikTok content, that sounds like a pretty strong showing – Black & White claimed in February 2021 that the chef averaged about 13 million views per post. The clip then found its way over to Ramsay's Instagram, where it received over 300,000 likes and a boatload of comments, including one that observed, "man [literally] needed to get a grip on that pan."

On Instagram, fans lost no time poking fun at the kitchen fail, following Ramsay's lead. "When u fail so hard to the point Chef Gordon himself make [sic] fun of you," commented one user. "A better grip on that bowl that is," remarked another, alluding to Ramsay's original comment. Even former "MasterChef" contestant Alejandro Valdivia joined in on the fun, calling the clip a "nightmare." The #ramsayreacts series kicked off in mid-2020, and has, to date, amassed over 7 billion views. (via TikTok)