Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Cereal Returns To Sam's Club Just In Time For Winter

In all of its cocoa-scented, mallow-topped glory, hot chocolate is one of the most popular drinks during the colder months. In fact, according to a One Poll survey of 2,000 Americans conducted for Stuffed Puffs, hot chocolate was the number one thing people look forward to, come winter (via Study Finds). After all, what's better than curling up on the couch on a cold, snowy December day with a piping cup of hot cocoa overflowing with fluffy marshmallows and perhaps a dollop of whipped cream? (Curling up on a pile of millions of dollars on any day, but at least a mug of hot chocolate seems less likely to give you paper cuts.)

If you — like so many Americans — are a big fan of hot chocolate, Sam's Club wants to offer it to you in a chewable form. As explained in a statement shared with Mashed, the wholesale retailer recently announced that it's bringing back Swiss Miss Cocoa Puffs Hot Cocoa Cereal. People can now enjoy the nostalgic hot beverage in cereal form. Inspired by the flavors of the famous instant hot chocolate brand, Swiss Miss. Here's what you need to know.

It's available exclusively at Sam's Club

Sam's Club is the only place selling the limited-edition Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Cereal. It can be purchased at the store, online via Sam's Club's website, or ordered ahead of time for curbside pickup. A 1-cup serving of the cereal clocks in at 140 calories and contains whole grain corn as one of the top ingredients and boasts zero artificial flavors.

The cereal was on Sam's Club shelves last year, as well, and many reviewers online said they loved the seasonal product, which currently boasts a rating of 4.3 out of 5-star on the store's website. "These tasted more rich and dark chocolatey than cocoa puffs and the marshmallows were a nice touch," one shopper said. "We went through these fast and are patiently awaiting a restock." Note, however, that not everyone is a fan of the cereal. Some reviews criticized the flavor. "It tasted like cardboard with a bit of cocoa powder on it and zero sugar," one person wrote.