Don't Skip The Taste Test Before Serving Thanksgiving Stuffing

No matter what your favorite side dish is at Thanksgiving dinner, one thing can be certain, everyone loves a good stuffing. Those who are gluten free may disagree, but many others know that stuffing with some gravy is the be-all end-all of Thanksgiving dinner (via Arcadia Publishing). A lot of the time it's a once a year thing, so why not enjoy it while you can? But stuffing can be tricky, and for such an important side dish you really don't want to mess up the flavor.

A lot of mistakes can be made when making stuffing for your Thanksgiving dinner. There are also a lot of tips and tricks out there to help you through this important side dish so you don't end up with soggy, overdone, flavorless stuffing. While stuffing may surprisingly be one of the more difficult side dishes to make — even though it's a classic — there are ways to make sure you don't end up with a bowl of stuffing no one touches. However, if you follow this one major rule, you should come out with delicious stuffing almost every time.

It helps to know where you stuffing is

There are a lot of Thanksgiving stuffing hacks out there. But one of the more important things to remember while cooking stuffing, as with all things you cook, is to taste the dish along the way. It's sometimes hard to know whether the stuffing is done as you walk through a recipe. If you taste along the way, then you know what the dish may be missing before it's finished.

For example, there are a lot of ways stuffing can become oversalted, with salty chicken stock and salted butter, and the stuffing could be perfectly salted before even adding some yourself. As a way to prevent oversalting, you can make your own stock that the stuffing will be mixed in. Or use a low-sodium broth (per Eating Well). This allows you to control the salt content. 

You should also try to avoid box stuffing and instead use dry bread that has no added salt for flavoring, according to Eating Well. Dry bread is also a great way to prevent soggy stuffing. Simply add more if you've introduced too much liquid. But as long as you taste as you go, you're in control of how your stuffing will turn out.