Reddit Is Calling Aldi's Keto Stuffing 'Weird And Watery'

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means keto dieters everywhere are about to get creative. According to Healthline, a ketogenic diet consists of high fat and low carbs, thus eliminating traditional bread and pasta. When you consume 10% carbs, 70% fat, and 20% protein, your body shifts to burning fat for energy, aiding in weight loss. Along with lowering the number on the scale, a ketogenic diet may have benefits against cancer, diabetes, and other major diseases.

Because of this, those following a keto diet on Thanksgiving will have to shy away from dinner rolls, pies, potatoes, and any stuffing or casserole made with bread crumbs. Per the Detroit Free Press, one keto-er, Jennifer Stewart, efficiently celebrated Thanksgiving in the past by fueling up on a high-fat meal before attending. She did eat the foods that were suitable for the diet, such as turkey and deviled eggs. Admittedly, this way of eating can make you feel like you're missing out, but as keto rises in popularity, more companies are releasing products to expand your menu options. Aldi attempted to do that with a new stuffing, however, it didn't win the Reddit stamp of approval.

Traditional stuffing is too high in carbs

With about 30 carbs per cup, stuffing is a no-go when you're on a ketogenic diet. However, brands like Aldi are attempting to save the day by releasing a keto version of the Thanksgiving favorite. This week, a Redditor posted a photo of turkey-flavored and chicken-flavored keto stuffing mix, with the caption "Keto stuffing. (I'll bet it's made with leftover Keto bread) I bought two." Though it seemed like a dream come true for keto dieters, many commenters weren't impressed with the product. "It tastes like stuffing but the texture is weird and it's watery," one comment read. Another user wrote, "[I] didn't like as stuffing. Second box I crushed up and used as bread crumbs to make some keto chicken fingers."

Still, if you don't feel like missing out on stuffing this Thanksgiving, it probably wouldn't hurt to try it. However, you might want to rethink stuffing it in a turkey. In an interview with NPR, Jack Bishop of "America's Test Kitchen" believes stuffing (which some might call dressing) should go in a dish. "The problem is, when you stuff the turkey, yes, the stuffing gets all of the wonderful flavors from the bird, but it makes it much more difficult to cook the bird. It cooks a lot more slowly and unevenly," he revealed.