Reddit Is Divided On Publix Cult-Favorite Baked Goods

Publix gets a lot of props for its subs, which can go toe to toe with any major sandwich franchise and hold its own in the hoagie Thunderdome. Its Italian sub placed a respectable third out of 24 on our list of sandwich chain Italian subs ranked from worst to best. Publix's subs were also once dubbed the "country's best sandwich" (via Thrillist).

But Publix is also known for its bakery that prepares some seriously decadent desserts and sinful treats that tempt our sweet tooth. From fruity to nutty, it seems that the variety of pastries and desserts at Publix is appreciated. The consensus seems to fall on these eight items: carrot bar cake, cheesecake almond cone, Dutch apple pie, European cream triple fruit tart, gourmet cinnamon buns, heath bar cookie, key lime pie, and the vanilla sheet cake with buttercream frosting (per Food52).

Everyone has their own go-to confection (or two), and discussion on the subreddit r/Publix indicates that Reddit is divided on which of Publix's cult-favorite baked goods is the best.

Choose your own dessert adventure

Redditor u/impatientmoo posed a question to the r/Publix subreddit asking people to share their favorite thing from the Publix bakery to help aid them in their decision of what to get during their next visit. Interestingly, some of the aforementioned most popular cult favorite confections received nary one mention on the forum.

Other Publix products are plugged multiple times, such as the carrot cake bars and the key lime pie. User S_Wicka proclaimed themselves a "sucker for the cheesecake almond cone and flourless chocolate cake." A fellow contributor agreed, writing, "Those almond cones are way too good." Another declared cheesecake almond cones and carrot cake "the best."

The heath bar cookie got some love as well, with commenter dairyfairy79 gushing, "The Heath bar cookies are incredible." It appears the only way to solve this dessert dilemma is through conducting your own research and trying them all.