Is Starbucks Open On Thanksgiving 2022?

Most Americans agree, Thanksgiving is a day for feasting, not working (via Business News Daily). According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 97% of the U.S. workforce has Turkey Day off — the same percentage as Christmas Day, meaning that the two holidays share the No. 1 spot for Most Likely Day Off. But workers and employers in the food industry are often caught between a rock and a hard place on Thanksgiving: on the one hand, workers want to be at home, eating. On the other hand, people are looking for food to bring home, and a place to buy it. That's true for supermarkets, which often feel compelled to stay open for at least part of the day (per Good Housekeeping), and also for some restaurants who serve customers who won't be cooking their own meal.

Adding to the complications is the travel factor: Thanksgiving eve is the most traveled day of the year, and Thanksgiving Day picks up some of the slack (via AAA Newsroom). So for those working in quick service restaurants, there is high demand, since there are a lot of people out there needing their coffee before they get to the in-laws. So naturally, you may find yourself asking if Starbucks is open on Thanksgiving.

Get your Thanksgiving coffee fix

In case you were holding your breath, you can breathe easy again. Starbucks will, indeed, be open on Thanksgiving Day. So you can grab your PSL before hitting the road, or get a cup of joe to sip while you're stuck in traffic. 

Your Starbucks grande isn't totally guaranteed, though — after all, Starbucks employees' have lives and families, too. While the coffee chain that everyone loves (or loves to hate) will be open on the holiday, branches may adapt their hours for the holiday. So you may need to wake up a little earlier if you want to stay alert while you listen to one of your uncle's "classic" stories again. 

But that change in hours isn't necessarily to benefit Starbucks' own employees: depending on location, some stores may even extend their hours in order to accommodate Black Friday shoppers and retail workers. The upshot? If you're looking for a Starbucks caffeine fix to power you through a grueling day of sales, and want to know your options, you're best off checking Starbucks' store locator – or consulting the app — to confirm your branch's hours.