Costco Fans Are Excited To Try The Festive Version Of These Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream is one of those foods that can be hard for people to turn down, perhaps especially when those people are Costco shoppers, and the ice cream is squished between two cookies as a mini sandwich at only 60 calories each. Back in December 2020, a social media post about Costco's Mad Minis Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches created quite the buzz, in a good way. As Instagram user rawrpanda8 would later say in a reply, "Okay we just bought these and WE LOVE THEM. Highly recommend." Many others wore their emoji hearts on their sleeves.

So it should come as no surprise that customers are raving about the seasonal version of these Mad Minis on Instagram. Costco's Mad Minis for the holiday season features not one, not two, but three flavors. The post generated over 5,700 likes in less than 24 hours, with comments ranging from "Omg I can't wait to try!" to "I need" to "Dang I need to find." So what are these new festive flavors everyone is talking about? Hint: They're basically a mix of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and cold weather ... in ice cream form ... all in one box.

The festive flavors are available only at Costco for a limited time

The 2022 holiday flavors for the Mad Minis Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches include Hot Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, and Candy Cane. The sandwiches come in a 36-count box that offers 12 of each flavor — all of which are still just 60 calories each. Each box is priced at about $10, according to the Costco Buys Instagram post, though prices may differ across locations.

If you're curious about what others have said about the treats, in the Costco Buys Instagram thread, @theadamsville commented that they're "amazing" while @courtneerodgers expressed love for the little desserts. YouTuber Elle Stone also provided her review of the Pumpkin Spice flavor, which hit stores in October as a limited-edition flavor. She also described them as "amazing" and warned that a pumpkin spice lover without self-control "may eat the whole dang box."

The limited-edition, three-flavor Mad Minis Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches appear to be available at Costco locations in the Midwest "for a limited time," based on a Mad Minis Instagram post.