The Most Popular Coffee Flavor In The US Is Quite Unexpected

Correction 12/7/2022: A previous version of this article erroneously attributed information gathered about flavor preferences to a survey conducted by Keurig. All data presented about flavor preferences was actually gathered via the Keurig IQ data platform.

There are so many memes, jokes, and references to coffee in daily life, it seems pretty safe to say that it's a common part of existence for most people. If you've ever wondered how many Americans actually start their day with coffee, the answer is more than half. Though lots of people are getting their java fix from popular chain coffee shops, others make their joe at home every day. The issue there is that, though you'll probably save money, there are a lot of coffee mistakes you're probably making at home. Those who want to recreate the proper cafe experience without the hassle are great candidates for using a pod-style coffee maker, like a Keurig

Keurig's K-Cup machines are pretty popular. You just pop a coffee pod in the machine, add a mug full of water, and press a button to start brewing — it's a lost less muss and fuss than grinding beans or using a traditional electric coffee pot. But you're also not stuck with just drinking plain coffee, thanks to the variety of flavored coffee pods available on the market these days. Keurig wanted to find out what the most popular flavored coffee was, and after crunching the numbers, the brand came up with an answer — and a surprising one at that.

It's not pumpkin

Considering how people can't seem to get enough pumpkin spice, and the fact that the PSL has become a fall staple that seems to be enjoyed earlier and earlier every year, pumpkin is not the most popular coffee flavor, according to anonymized data collected by Keurig IQ, which the company describes as "a data platform of households across the U.S. who own a Keurig connected brewer." It's also not vanilla (which is the most popular ice cream flavor in the world, according to CBC), and it's not mocha, either. The most popular coffee flavor of 2022 in 46 states was caramel, Keurig shared with Mashed in a press release.

According to a press release from Keurig, though caramel was the top flavor choice this year, consumers had some other coffee preferences, too. Most of the collected information revealed that numerous Keurig users prefer a dark roasted, intensely flavored cup of coffee; a large 12-ounce cup size; and to enjoy their coffee before noon. That's all pretty unsurprising, but one shocker in the data included this tidbit: New Englanders drink more iced coffee than any other region of the country, aside from Hawaii and Puerto Rico, despite having some of the coldest winters. Now, present one of those New Englanders (Dunkin' lover Ben Affleck?) with a 12-ounce dark roast caramel iced coffee at the top of the morning, and you'll have them wrapped around your pinky finger.