The Unique Egg Dish Reddit Is Wholeheartedly Rolling With

Eggs are an affordable, protein-rich food that people have enjoyed since the dawn of humanity — really, nearly 6 million years ago when early civilizations ate raw eggs right out of the nest, per Incredible Egg. Today, thanks to cultures from across the globe, there are endless methods for preparing an egg. The people of North Africa use eggs for shakshuka, while in Mexico, huevos rancheros are the way to go. In the Philippines, you can find deep-fried quail eggs called kwek kwek, and when in Greece, you can try an egg soup called avgolemono (via Insider).

Not only are eggs versatile, but, according to Healthline, they also offer a wide range of health benefits. High in essential vitamins and nutrients, eggs are linked to lower risks of heart disease. And despite popular belief, eggs actually raise levels of HDL, the body's "good cholesterol."

Just when you thought this resourceful and coveted ingredient had been completely discovered, Reddit recently unearthed another unexpected way to enjoy eggs: the egg roll. Unlike the fried Chinese appetizer, this hard boiled egg-inspired dish is composed solely of eggs and is more of a long tube than a roll.

The egg tube has been around since 1974

Posted in the subreddit r/eggs, one user shared an unsettling photo of a literal egg roll — a cylindrical egg tube likened to a PVC pipe with slices removed to expose the cooked yolk. Posted with the witty caption, "I see your egg loaf and raise you the egg roll," the viral image garnered some interesting responses. While one user called it a "war crime," another person said, "I love this and would eat it like a banana." A different person read the inventors' mind and remarked that the long egg would be perfect for a chef's salad; the OP provided the enlightening context that the egg roll was designed for restaurants to have a more "sliceable" cooked egg for a variety of dishes.

According to Food & Wine, the egg tube has been around since 1974 when Danish company Danaeg rolled out the SANOVO 6-32, better known as the "the long egg machine." Confirming the claims made by the user who enthusiastically posted the photo on Reddit, Food & Wine continued to say that the machine was made for cafeteria and fast food convenience. Many versions of the machine are available today, but its mechanisms remain the same as they were in the '70s: A gadget separates the egg's yolks and whites to create a single tube of otherworldly eggs. Whether you love it or loathe it, call it an egg roll or an egg tube, it's a testament to just how versatile eggs truly are.