Molly Yeh's Simple Flour Swap For Gluten Free Latkes

When the weather cools down, we don't just change out our wardrobe — we usually reshuffle the foods we're eating, too. But while some folks are dreaming about the perfect slice of pumpkin pie at Thanskgiving, or the luxurious bottle of Champagne they've been saving to pop on New Year's Eve, others know that some of the best culinary delights of the season come with Hanukkah. From freshly made sufganiyot to perfectly tender brisket and buttery, fluffy loaves of challah, this Jewish holiday produces some of the tastiest and most comforting celebration foods of the year. But one dish you definitely can't do without during this time of year, whether or not you celebrate Hanukkah, is latkes. Crispy potato pancakes are a true crowd-pleaser, and whether you serve them with applesauce or sour cream, for many families they're a true holiday staple, and a tasty way to use up a winter root vegetable.

Making perfect latkes is hard enough as it is, but what about when you need to make ingredient substitutions? With more and more people following a gluten-free diet these days, cooks might need to swap out the wheat flour in their latke recipes for something different this year. Molly Yeh, the "Girl Meets Farm" Food Network star who creates recipes inspired by her Jewish, Chinese, and Midwestern heritages, has a delicious suggestion.

Chickpea flour is the secret

There are only a few main ingredients in a traditional latke recipe, including shredded potatoes and onions, egg, and flour. The flour and egg mix with the moisture of the shredded potatoes and onions to create a batter that fries up to a golden crisp, and they also help bind the mixture so it holds its shape. But what if you have a guest who can't have gluten? In a recipe for her unique shredded brussels sprouts latkes, Molly Yeh recommends using chickpea flour instead of wheat flour in your latke recipe (via Food Network).

Chickpea flour, also known as besan, can be found at most Indian grocery stores, and you can also often find it these days in the alternative flours section of the baking aisle. Chickpea flour is used to make the batter of the Indian fried dish pakora, and has an earthy flavor (Cooking With Manali). This wheat flour alternative can even be used as an egg substitute, too, so if you have a vegan and gluten-free guest coming over for latkes, this one ingredient can help you modify your classic latke recipe (via Yuppie Chef).