The Reason You Should Rethink Ordering Food During A Snowstorm

In a mid-November snowstorm, Orchard Park, New York, was blanketed with 77 inches of snow. According to WIVB 4, the snowfall set a state record. While that amount of snowfall in a single storm is rare, snowstorms are certainly not. With winter quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about how to best prepare for future snowstorms that are sure to come.

While some residents of cold climates enjoy getting out and enjoying the snow, others prefer to stay inside and wait for the white stuff to melt away. Snow days don't have to be dreary: Ina Garten likes to curl up with a wintry cocktail when she's snowed in. Whether you prefer the creature comforts of the indoors or the adventure of being out in the cold, you still have to eat. Just like each winter brings the snow, it also brings around plenty of discourse about food, especially when it comes to eating out. Should you be ordering food deliveries when the weather is bad? Mashable posed the question in 2018, and the debate is reignited on social media each year.

The reason you shouldn't order food deliveries in a snowstorm

While it's super tempting to call for a pizza delivery during the worst of a snowstorm, it's probably a good idea to hold off. While not everyone agrees about whether calling to order delivery during a snowstorm is a faux pas, it's a fact that those driving in snowstorms are at increased risk for accidents and injury. For the safety of the driver, it's better not to order.

Taste of Home theorizes that most delivery drivers are young and early in their driving careers. Because they have limited experience driving in bad weather, they are more likely to have trouble navigating slippery and snow-covered roadways. In short, it's best to let delivery drivers take some time off during the heaviest snowfall. It's safer for the delivery drivers, the emergency workers on the road, and anyone else who may be traveling.

If you absolutely need to order takeout, delivery drivers have some pointers. Reddit users who work as delivery drivers suggest tipping your drivers above what you normally would and having some patience and compassion. Additionally, as Mashable notes, don't get angry if your delivery takes more than an hour to arrive. Snow deliveries are treacherous and stressful. It will take longer for your order to come, and drivers should be paid accordingly for this work. It's also probably a good idea to keep the chit-chat about the weather to a bare minimum. Drivers are well aware of how bad it is out and would likely prefer not to have the same conversation with 10 different customers in one night.

Instead of ordering delivery during the snow, visit a grocery store before the storm

Instead of ordering and asking a delivery driver to risk life and limb to deliver your pizza or lo-mein, you could stock your house with everything you need to see yourself through the worst of any storm. While the general rule of fresh eggs and bread applies, remember to stock up on more comforting options, too.

Direct Energy recommends residents trying to make it through a snowstorm should stock their pantries with canned goods, nut butters, and bread, along with bottled water. The energy provider suggests that residents snowed in should have some fun, too. They recommend ensuring you have plenty of baking essentials because fresh, homemade cookies or brownies can make even the worst storm seem okay. A frozen pizza, plenty of chips, and hot cocoa packets should get you through almost any storm.

If you do opt to hit the grocery store instead of calling a delivery driver out in the snow, try not to overdo it. According to a psychologist who spoke to 11 Alive, many people overbuy in preparation for a snowstorm to calm their anxiety. Instead of buying out the store, ensure you have enough food and pet food for a few days, keep computers and cell phones charged, and have batteries and flashlights if the power goes out. That should be enough to keep you safe and cozy during most winter storms.