Chuck E. Cheese Dropped A Winter Dessert Menu

There's something really special about Chuck E. Cheese that has made it attractive to kids for generations. Maybe it's the promise of getting incredible prizes just by playing colorful, flashing arcade machines. Maybe it's getting to see the legendary animatronic mouse himself belt out some energetic tunes during a 5-year-old's birthday party. Or maybe it's something in the food that makes kids get excited when they walk inside the home of Mr. Charles Entertainment Cheddar (via Insider).

Despite the fact Chuck E. Cheese is well-known for its arcade-style games and overactive tykes, the food at the chain does stand out from other kid-friendly pizza joints. Chron reports that although the establishment is geared towards family-friendly activities, some locations can serve beer or wine on the premises with a two-drink limit. Chuck E. Cheese even has its own online brand called "Pasqually's Pizza & Wings" (named after a member of Chuck's gang), where customers can order everything from the restaurant's famed pizza and Buffalo wings (via QSR Magazine). Just because it's focused on kids doesn't mean the food doesn't have to appeal to kids alone.

With that idea in mind, it seems that ol' Chuck is trying to get families to shake off the winter blues by offering a brand new dessert menu.

Chuck E. Cheese is offering polar bear cupcakes and cookie pizzas

Ever the showman, Chuck E. Cheese smiles his classic million-dollar whiskered grin and promises to families that he will make turn their humdrum "winter wonderlands" into a "Winter Winner-land." At least, that's what the theme for the 2022-2023 winter season at your local Chuck E. Cheese seems to be. The winter promotion, according to Chuck E. Cheese, will include everything from package deals, exclusive rewards for app users, and even a chance to win a fully-operational skeeball machine. Also included is an expansive winter menu, which offers guests everything from polar bear cupcakes to Dippin' Dots.

According to Brand Eating, guests can choose between a Polar Bear Cupcake (a vanilla cupcake with white frosting, sprinkles, and candy ears and nose to resemble a polar bear), a "Warm Winter Cookie" (a giant chocolate chip cookie drizzled in chocolate syrup and crushed peppermint candy), and Peppermint or Candy Crunch Dippin' Dots flavors. Guests can also get a "Winter Fun Pack," which includes two large one-topping pies, a Warm Winter Cookie, a goody bag, activity sheet, and 250 E-Tickets to use on the next visit for $34.99.

Yahoo! News tells us that the "Winter Winner-land" promotion is part of what Chuck E. Cheese calls its "4 Seasons of Fun," with each season having its own unique promotions, deals, and rewards. For example, per PR Newswire, the 2021 spring season was known as "Spring FunBreak" and included "More Ticket Mondays" and unicorn churros.