Popular Holiday Breakfast Recipes From Real California Milk

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It's that time of year again when loved ones file into your home and the kitchen bustles with activity and chatter. Then, in the morning, the smell of a pot of coffee brewing and a delicious breakfast cooking on the stove wafts through the house. The holidays are always filled with the magic of being around friends and family, but with having guests also comes the challenge of feeding them all, whether it be on a busy breakfast morning or for a leisurely brunch. That's where Real California Milk comes in with some of their amazing recipes that are sure to wow every appetite.

The savory California Breakfast Sopes, sweet Tres Leches Waffles, and extravagant Pancake and Waffle Party Board are all made with Real California Milk products including cheeses, creams, milks, and butter made with sustainably sourced milk from California dairy families. So, what are you waiting for? Your guests will be arriving before you know it, and these recipes are sure to put a smile on everyone's face throughout the holiday season.

California Breakfast Sopes

Appetizers for breakfast? Yes, please! In Spanish, appetizers are known as antojitos, or "little cravings" (via Masterclass) and one type of antojitos are the perfect food to satisfy any morning craving: sopes. These breakfast sopes from @presleyspantry are loaded with eggs, refried beans, Real California Oaxaca cheese, and other goodies. They're perfect for pairing with a cup of coffee to help energize you for a new day.

What's extra special about sopes is the fried masa base. The following recipe carefully walks you through how to shape the sopes and presents instructions on filling it with the wholesome ingredients, and finishing it off with Real California crema, avocado, radish, and salsa.

Recipe: California Breakfast Sopes

Tres Leches Waffles

Tres leches, which literally translates to "three milks," is generally known as a cake soaked with three different kinds of milks. In this tres leches recipe from @presleyspantry, the sauce becomes a rich and creamy syrup that is lavishly poured over waffles for a sweet finishing touch.

To prepare the dish, you'll make a classic waffle in your waffle iron, then turn to the tres leches mixture, a combination of Real California sweetened condensed milk, regular milk, and heavy cream. Serve by pouring a bit of the tres leches on the plate, adding the waffle, then pouring more syrup on top. Adding fresh berries is an optional — but certainly tasty — finishing touch.

Recipe: Tres Leches Waffles

Pancake & Waffle Party Board

Move over charcuterie boards! You're about to face some fierce competition from this pancake and waffle party board, which features everything breakfast guests could ever want. Here you'll find red velvet pancakes, souffle-style pancakes, pancakes stuffed with eggs, California cheese, and California chocolate, and salted caramel dessert spreads. On the waffle side, shortcake waffles are served with fruit, syrup, and cinnamon- and maple-flavored whipped creams.

The recipe below includes all instructions, including how to make sweet and savory silver dollar-sized pancake stackers served on skewers. Advice is also offered on how to beautifully arrange your pancake and waffle party board in a way that will have your guests oohing, ahhing, and asking for seconds.

Recipe: Pancake & Waffle Party Board