Instagram Isn't Sold On Costco's Frozen Crab Rangoon

Perhaps one of the most well-known aspects of Costco is that many Costco food items have cult followings. Let's face it, we all know about Costco rotisserie chickens, the food court pizza, and the sheet cakes, and all for good reason. They're perfectly priced and, more importantly, dependably delicious.

However, not every Costco food item is a hit. For instance, one Reddit thread had mixed reviews for Costco's $4 sushi, with some people saying it was "the worst sushi" they had ever eaten, and others saying the low price was worth the stomachache. Another Reddit thread dished on Costco's enchiladas, accusing the product of being "too salty" and "absolutely disgusting." However, others noted that the enchiladas were a great option for Type 1 diabetics or those following a keto diet.

A similar discussion unfolded after an Instagram account posted about Costco's frozen crab rangoon with Thai chili sauce. As you might expect, some people thought the product was tasty, while others were beyond disgusted. 

Costco's crab rangoon: To buy or not to buy?

Costco Buys poured gasoline on an Instagram fire when it posted about Costco's frozen crab rangoon. Although this Polynesian-inspired appetizer is pretty popular among Americans, the internet seems to agree that the Costco version could use a few improvements.

Don't get us wrong — many Instagram users were excited about this particular Costco product. One person said they love ordering crab rangoon at restaurants, adding, "Can't wait to try a home version!" Another person commented, "Oh man I'm making a Costco run this weekend and will be looking for these!"

However, most of the post's comments were less than pleased. Several people called out the account directly, saying, "Stop calling things tasty if you don't even try them." Someone else wrote, "I didn't like these. They don't taste authentic." Others complained that Costco's crab rangoon did not do well in their air fryers and they "will definitely not buy again." That seems fair enough.