Aldi's Gouda Holiday Trees Are Back For The Festive Season

Whether it's Starbucks holiday cups or Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, there's something that excites people about seeing seasonal products as winter approaches. In 2019, Design Analytics reported the results of a survey that looked at whether people would be more likely to buy such items as cans of Coca-Cola or Pepsi with holiday-themed packaging or the standard counterpart. For every person who would go for the nonseasonal option, there were about two consumers who would prefer the holiday packaging. When it came to Coca-Cola, people were more likely to say the holiday packaging sent a message that the soda "tastes great."

Suffice it to say, a festive appearance can make a huge difference. It's not hard for those looking for a holiday twist to find food items that fit the bill. For cheese lovers who also shop at Aldi, that might include tree-shaped gouda. It has made people light up in the past, and now the seasonal cheese has returned.

A holiday tree you can eat

Emporium Selection Gouda Cheese Holiday Trees have returned to Aldi's shelves for one of the most festive times of the year (per its website). A package includes 14 pieces of cheese that peel off into Christmas tree shapes. Imported from Holland, the product has a listed price of $4.49 online, though it might not be available or have the same price tag at all locations.

Two years ago when Aldi shared the tree-shaped snacks on its Instagram account, some people seemed eager to score some but had trouble finding them. "Will there be more closer to Xmas? Haven't seen these AT ALL," one user wrote. Another comment read, "I've been searching forever and can't find these holiday cheeses anywhere." Disappointingly, someone seemed convinced their store just didn't sell the item: "Maybe we would if you made this available in every single store." However, not all comments were riddled with sadness. Some called the seasonal cheese cute or gushed about their love for Aldi's cheeses.

Last year, Aldi posted about the cheesy trees on Facebook and sparked some holiday cheer. Among a range of reactions, one shopper responded, "They're back !? Excellent, loved them last year ! (loved them even more when they discounted them the week after Christmas)." A second customer also vouched for the item: "got this last year-soooo yummy!"