We Tried The New Doritos Dips And They're A Snacking Game-Changer

Few combinations curb a snack craving like chips and dip. And like many chips, Doritos always hit the spot. Whether you reach for Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese, you're in for a treat. This month, some Big Dip Energy entered the chat with Doritos' brand-new Doritos Dips. What is Big Dip Energy? These new Doritos Dips allow you to ditch your usual condiments for a first-of-its-kind dip to enhance all your favorite foods like pizza, wings, veggies, and, of course, chips.

These two mouth-watering dips will steal the show at any potluck or sports party and complement your favorite Doritos or potato chips. With flavors like these, you'll be ditching your old dips and swapping them out for a Doritos Dip. You won't believe all the flavor packed in each cup.

We tried the new Doritos Dips flavors and left no dip in the cup. Here's what we thought.

What's in the new Doritos Dips?

The Doritos Dips come in two unique flavors: Spicy Nacho and Cool Rancho Jalapeño. They both pack some serious flavor and mimic the tastes of the traditional Doritos chip flavors we know and love.

Starting off, we tried the Spicy Nacho Dip. While we expected to taste more of the red dust that coats your fingers when eating the real deal, this dip gave off more of a spicy nacho cheese taste. It carried more flavor than a standard nacho cheese dip and left a small spicy aftertaste.

After digging into spoonfuls of Spicy Nacho, we dove into the Cool Rancho Jalapeño. While this dip took inspiration from the classic chip, this creamy ranch dip takes it up a notch. The creamy ranch dip tastes similar to the chips but contains some serious spice with the addition of the spicy jalapeño. After a few bites, we couldn't get enough and kept scooping more chips into the dip.

How much does each dip cost?

The more dip, the better. And thankfully, for Doritos and dip fans everywhere, the new Doritos Dips won't hurt your wallet. Doritos Dips can be found at retailers nationwide for an affordable price, so if you like dips, you can get plenty of it. We know we'll be grabbing a cart full of these dips the next time we hit the local supermarket.

Each flavored dip cup retails for $4.49. For under $10, you can try both flavors without breaking the bank and leave some room in your wallet to grab a few bags of chips to accompany the spread.

While the dip's cup doesn't appear huge at first glance, the dip goes a long way. Grab one of each flavor for the best of both worlds, and supply enough dip for a small gathering. We struggled to choose a favorite, so buying one of each dip makes for the perfect spread.

How long and where will it be available?

Unlike many unique food launches, this Doritos Dip product is here to stay. The product launched at the end of November this year with no mention of being taken off the market at any specific time. We can only imagine the product would come off the shelves if sales do not perform to the company's liking. After tasting these dips, it's unlikely Lays will pull the product anytime soon.

The Super Bowl, a crucial time for chip and dip sales, will be telling for the future of the Doritos Dips as many people purchase ready-made dips to ease the kitchen preparation time before hosting groups of people.

After trying the Spicy Nacho and Cool Rancho Jalapeño dips, we have a good feeling about these dips staying on the store shelves long past the big game in February. We foresee them coming out with more dip-related products and even, one day, a dip and chip combo pack.

What's the nutritional information for each dip?

At first glance, the dips' nutritional values appear low, but it's crucial to look closely at the serving size for the dips. Each dip's serving size contains only two tablespoons and 40 or 50 calories per serving. We would have an extremely difficult time stopping after only two tablespoons of these dips, so you'll likely consume more than one serving, plus the chips used to scoop the dips.

Thankfully even if you decide to consume the majority of the nine servings in each dip cup, this won't set you back too much on your diet plan. If you polish the entire Spicy Nacho dip, you'll be consuming 360 calories. However, keep in mind that you'd then be consuming 1,980 to 2,070 milligrams of sodium, as each cup contains 220 to 230 milligrams of sodium, depending on the flavor.

Calories and sodium aside, the Spicy Nacho dip contains no added sugars per serving and only two grams of total carbohydrates. As far as our non-nutritional expert advice goes, this dip seems like a fine choice to dip your chips in. The cups help with portion control too. You'll probably just want to avoid enjoying the whole cup by yourself in one sitting.

How do they compare to other dips?

In full transparency, we had low expectations for these dips, but we were left impressed. The Spicy Nacho provided more spice and kick than your typical nacho cheese sauce. While branded as dips, these "Doritos Dips" taste more like sauces than thick dips. They can not only be easily scooped and dipped in but also would make a good spread.

The Cool Rancho Jalapeño "dip" also tastes and offers the same consistency as a thinner ranch dip, and it resembles a thick sauce. We would rather dip a slice of pizza in it than a chip, but it tastes delicious no matter what you mix in. We didn't know what to expect when initially seeing the Cool Ranch label, but the jalapeño adds the perfect amount of spice to bring this dip to the next level. Without it, the dip would be rather bland.

The verdict on Doritos Dips

Doritos launched two new dip flavors, and to our surprise, the dips packed more punch than we could have imagined. With a chip as iconic as Doritos, we should have had more faith in the brand to deliver a decadent and creamy dip with a kick. If you haven't gathered from our review thus far, they seriously delivered.

The Spicy Nacho dip blows other nacho cheese dips out of the water with its added spice, and Cool Rancho Jalapeño makes normal ranch seem like the most boring condiment ever created. These dips level up the condiment game and will complement any snack or meal on your potluck table.

If you're heading out to watch a game or need to bring a quick appetizer to a friend's house, don't sleep on the new Doritos Dips. They're so good that if you scoop them into a bowl of your own, your friends will likely think you whipped the dips up yourself.

The verdict: They're a snacking game-changer.