Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Admitted To Stealing Snickers As A Child

A wrestler-turned-actor with a net worth of $800 million, Dwayne Johnson seemingly has enough money to resist shoplifting urges. However, this wasn't always the case as a young teenager craving a Snickers bar. Though he may have picked up a bar per day, his crimes weren't as severe the time an entire chocolate-carrying truck was stolen. In 2013 Volusia, Florida, a truck driver called 911 after a truck and trailer full of $120,000 of Hershey's chocolate was stolen from the JD Lewis Truck Center (per Spectrum News 13). There was never an update provided that indicated whether the truck was found, though truck driver Kenneth Szorosy joked with the 911 operator that it must have been stolen by "someone with a sweet tooth."

Though minor in comparison, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson feels remorse for his past crimes and decided to make up for them in the most suitable way you could imagine (per Instagram).

He returned to the store to right his wrongs

Earlier this week, Dwayne Johnson posted a video on Instagram confessing to his prior "life of crime." "When I was 14 years old, every day I used to stop here at this 7-11 and steal a king-sized Snickers bar because I couldn't afford to buy one," Johnson revealed. In the video, he returned to his childhood 7-11 and purchased every Snickers bar on the shelf, something he'd been waiting to do "for decades." Instead of taking all the Snickers bars, which Johnson claimed were his former "pre-daily workout," in his caption, he left them in bags to give free to other customers. He also bought groceries for store patrons and posed for numerous photos. "The same clerk was there every day and always just turned her head and never busted me," his caption continued.

When the post was shared to @Rap on Twitter, a few folks in the comments disagreed that Johnson's actions made up for the wrongs. "He technically still needs to pay for the ones he stole," one comment read. "That's not paying back that's just buying more," another Twitter user wrote. The concern was somewhat corrected in the tweet's reply though, where a fellow user wrote, "He didn't leave with them. He just bought them and left them in the store for people to have for free." Either way, Johnson seems happy to finally get this weight off his chest.