Here Are The Sweetest Deals For National Cookie Day 2022

National Cookie Day is Sunday, December 4, and just like any other food-centric holiday, relevant brands are offering deals to help fans celebrate. The holiday truly couldn't come at a better time, as the weeks leading up to Christmas traditionally see cookies baked, decorated, and exchanged as gifts. According to Martha Stewart, it's likely cookies became the official treat of Christmastime as a way to offer house guests something sweet. "Christmas in many cultures was a time of visiting. It was cold, so you weren't out farming, and you had time to visit," Babson College professor Frederick Opie said. "Cookies were made in large amounts and with great care as something to share." Many families even had their own passed-down Christmas cookie recipe.

Per The Wicked Noodle, National Cookie Day was founded in 1987 by Matt Nadler, the owner of Blue Chip Cookie Company in San Francisco. Obviously, the holiday served as a great marketing tactic to boost sales for his business. More than 30 years later, the beloved day is a fun excuse for families to enjoy cookies together, and several of the top cookie producers want to make this tradition sweeter.

Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies, the brand known for delivering freshly baked cookies late into the night, will be celebrating National Cookie Day by rewarding every purchase with a free classic cookie, per a press release sent to Mashed. Free shipping will also be provided using the code SHIPCOOKIES upon ordering. For CookieMagic Members, the deal becomes even sweeter, as members will receive a free six-pack upon logging into their online account or providing proof of their membership in-store. Each store will stay open an extra hour to ensure everybody gets their cookie fix.

Additionally, the brand will be granting top prizes to fans who prove their cookie-loving status on Instagram or TikTok. The giveaways begin now and last until Sunday, while the free cookie deals run exclusively from December 2 to December 4.

Great American Cookies

According to Globe Newswire, loyalty members who make a purchase at Great American Cookies this Sunday, December 4, will receive a coupon redeemable until December 11. Possible rewards include a buy one, get one free cookie, a free cookie, or another undisclosed surprise. While visiting the shop on National Cookie Day, you'll get a chance to enjoy some of the seasonal offerings, which include Red and Green M&M cookies, Gingerbread cookies, and Mint Cookies & Cream cookies. Visit its online store locator to find a Great American Cookie near you.

Cheryl's Cookies

On Sunday only, Cheryl's Cookies will be offering discounts depending on how much money you choose to spend initially (per CNET). Those who choose to spend $60 or more will receive $20 off, while those who spend more than $80 will get a $30 discount. If you spend $150, you'll be rewarded with $50 off your purchase. By saving this much money, you'll likely be able to gift everyone on your shopping list, fuel your whole family, and leave the rest to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Visit the Christmas page on the Cheryl's website to view all your gifting options.

Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's may be famous for its subs, but this Sunday, its cookies will be taking the spotlight. Per Thrillist, members of Jimmy John's Freaky Fast Rewards will receive a free cookie after spending $5 when they used the promo code COOKIE22. With the promo code, you'll be able to choose between the chain's two cookie varieties: chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin. If you've yet to sign up for Jimmy John's rewards program, your first order as a member will land you a free sub. Rewards members will also receive free items on their birthdays and an early look at new items.

Lenny & Larry's

Lenny & Larry's makes protein cookies that vegans, keto-ers, and your average chocolate lover can all enjoy. And this weekend, from December 2 to December 4, the brand will be discounting its cookies by 20% when you order online with the promo code NATLCOOKIEDAY (per CNET). If you've never tried its cookies, you can pick up the variety pack to get a taste of all Lenny & Larry's has to offer. Flavors in the variety pack include chocolate donut, lemon poppy seed, salted caramel, peanut butter chocolate chip, and an impressive nine additional types.

Real Cookies

Real Cookies is extending its celebration, offering discounts starting on National Cookie Day and running until December 10, per CNET. To receive 25% off your purchase online, you must simply enter the promo code CookieDay2022 at checkout. Additionally, you'll be rewarded with free shipping if you spent at least $50, according to the brand's website.

This choice of cookie is phenomenal for those with dietary restrictions, as they are vegan, gluten-free, and grain free. They are also suitable for Kosher and paleo diets. Flavors include chocolate chip, peanut butter, and lemon blueberry.