Jesse Tyler Ferguson Lets Holiday Guests Be Their Own Bartenders - Exclusive

What's the easiest way to serve your party guests? Have them make their own drinks — at least, that's what's easiest according to actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He fully supports making the holidays simpler by getting behind pre-made appetizers and delicious cocktails. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Ferguson told us about his best hosting tips as the holiday season descends upon us.

The "Food Between Friends: A Cookbook" author revealed that he is all for an Absolut Kahlúa espresso martini (one part Absolut vodka, one part Kahlúa, and one part espresso) and a Glenlivet Old Fashioned (two parts Glenlivet, one-fourth part simple syrup, some bitters, and an orange twist for garnish) in the winter. We certainly wouldn't be opposed to sipping on either of those drinks while hanging with Jesse Tyler Ferguson — or trying the other experience he sets out for his guests. The "Modern Family" star shared why he likes to put up a serve-yourself bartending station for partygoers.

Guests can customize the recipe

Jesse Tyler Ferguson told Mashed that his favorite drink to set up at the bar is an espresso martini, and then he steps back to let his guests be their own bartenders. He explained, "It's fun to set up a little bar so that they can customize the recipe and make it their own with coffee beans, coconut flakes, or chocolate bits ... cinnamon powder." Ferguson admitted to stealing the idea from another friend who served cocktails this way, and he "loved" the concept.

As the Broadway star shared, it's also a good way to take some of the pressure off of your gatherings. Allowing guests to create their own drinks caters to preferences, gives you more time for host duties, and promotes a conversation starter. "It's a fun, interactive way to get people socializing: 'How did you make yours? What's that floating in your drink?'" Ferguson said.

It's simple but effective, which is exactly what the holidays need when you want to cut down on the stress of the season. Ferguson also recommends taking advantage of batched cocktail recipes that can be thrown into the fridge the night before to make your drink preparations even simpler. A seasonal cocktail is exactly what this work week ordered!

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