Aldi Is Launching Almond Flour Cookies For The Holidays

From all those who abstain from flour, can we get an "amen?" Or, rather, make that an "almond." As in, grinding almonds to a fine powder as a replacement for regular flour. Good idea? Aldi thinks so, too.

Holland & Barrett is happy to break almond flour down for you, so to speak, by explaining that no matter which way you slice it (or smash it, or crush it), almond flour is going to bring a little goodness into your life. Unlike traditional wheat flour, which has a high glycemic index and complex carbohydrates, almond flour is a healthy fat that is packed with nutrients, vitamins, and a flavor people go nuts for (sorry). This makes almond flour a nice alternative for anyone trying to keep it low-carb or gluten-free. Or Paleolithic or ketogenic, for that matter, as both diets love a good white flour alternative (per Healthline).

What's important here is that Aldi recognizes the beauty of the almond, and is celebrating this wonderful nut this holiday season with a sweet treat that uses almond flour. "Almond" to that.

Cookies leave some confused, others elated

Aldi is releasing two different flavors of holiday cookies this year that are made with almond flour (per Instagram), giving this noble nut the platform it deserves. Benton's gingerbread and chocolate peppermint cookies have been spotted in the wild, sending fans of almond flour treats themselves wild. "Ok Aldi with the keto cookies! Made with almond flour! Love this for us," reads the post's caption from Instagram account, Adventures in Aldi. One person shared in the excitement, saying, "I had the gingerbread ones and they're so good with yogurt!"

When Healthline explains that almond flour is naturally gluten-free and more nutritious than most traditional flours, we're glad to see holiday treats getting a nod. Almond flour is linked to lower rates of heart disease and Alzheimer's, lower blood pressure, and improved blood sugar control (per Healthline) — all incredibly comforting things to know while noshing on these cookies.

And Aldi is known for dropping little parachutes of seasonal scores (like these holiday macarons) onto the otherwise standard shelves of groceries, and these little cookies take the cake. A stocking stuffer for the celiac in your life, perhaps? Or maybe you keep them for yourself? With almond flour as an ingredient, you (and your gut) are probably going to feel good about getting these little guys.