White Castle Just Welcomed Back Its Sloppy Joe Sliders

Popular fast food burger chain White Castle continues to excite its fans and share its fast food innovations with the public. In the past, the chain has featured its iconic sliders, of course, and has also had various desserts on sticks on its menu, including a birthday cake on a stick in honor of its 100th anniversary, a cheesecake on a stick, and a brownie on a stick, per White Castle. The chain also branched out into seafood by introducing crab cake sliders and shrimp Nibblers to its menu in February 2018 (via White Castle).

Now, White Castle is exciting its fans once again by bringing back its Sloppy Joe Sliders and Mac and Cheese Nibblers, according to a press release from White Castle. Fans on Reddit seem to love the idea of fast food sloppy joes, with some questioning why other fast food chains haven't capitalized on the menu item and made their own version. Others reminisced and commented on the sense of nostalgia that sloppy joes bring them, writing, "Man, this makes me want sloppy joes for dinner" and "I miss my mom making sloppy joes." Here's what you need to know about the returning menu items at White Castle.

Sloppy Joe sliders and mac and cheese nibblers make their return to White Castle

According to a press release from White Castle, the popular fast food chain is bringing back its Sloppy Joe Sliders and Mac and Cheese Nibblers, which the chain has revamped. White Castle first introduced the Mac and Cheese Nibblers to its menu in February 2013, per White Castle. White Castle's revamped Mac and Cheese Nibblers have a crunchy, golden battered exterior with warm, cheesy macaroni and cheese inside and come in a small size with five Nibblers, a medium size with 12 Nibblers, and a large sack with 20 Nibblers.

The chain's Sloppy Joe Sliders first made their debut in January 2019 (via PR Newswire), with the Spicy Joe Slider being added to the menu in January 2022, according to a press release from White Castle. White Castle's classic Sloppy Joe Slider is made with a sweet and tangy mixture of ground beef, onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers, while the Smoky Joe Slider also includes crispy onions and smoky cheddar cheese. For fans wanting some heat, the Spicy Joe Slider comes with jalapeño crisps and jalapeño cheese. Any combination of the sliders can be ordered in a Joe Six-Pack for $6.99, and the nibblers and sliders are available beginning December 1, 2022 while supplies last at participating White Castle locations.