Heinz Could Add $1 To Your Restaurant Tip If You Ask For Their Ketchup

No matter if you're in a diner in downtown New York or at a beachside restaurant in California, chances are high that you'll see a very familiar red bottle sitting with you at your table. Heinz ketchup is so common a sight at diners and restaurants across America that you'd probably be more surprised if a restaurant didn't have a bottle of the ketchup next to the salt and pepper. Heinz, however, wants to make sure that you needn't worry about running into unfamiliar ketchup brands or copycat catsup the next time you're going for burgers and fries — and they'll do it through you, the people.

As BusinessWire tells us, Heinz made an announcement in late November rallying ketchup fans everywhere to stand together and "ask for Heinz" the next time they're out to eat. According to Heinz's research, people who visit restaurants are "disappointed" when they realize the restaurant isn't carrying Heinz ketchup, thus leaving them stuck with "subpar" ketchup to eat with. That is why the ketchup company announced the beginning of its Tip for Heinz program, in which customers of a discerning ketchup taste should write a $1 "Tip for Heinz" on their receipt. 

But what does leaving an extra dollar have to do with getting Heinz ketchup in more restaurants? And what exactly do you gain from leaving a $1 tip for a ketchup company anyway?

Heinz may pick up your tab if you're lucky

Now, in this time of rising prices and inflation, $1 certainly won't be enough for a restaurant trying to meet the demands of Heinz ketchup fans. But it's not the money that Heinz cares about: It's about sending a message to restaurants across the nation that you, the customer, demand Heinz ketchup, and Heinz is willing to reimburse you for it.

According to The Drum, all you have to do is take a picture of your receipt with "Tip for Heinz" written on it, post it on Instagram with the hashtags #TipForHeinz and #sweepstakes or submit it on the Tip for Heinz website. Heinz will not only reimburse you for the dollar, but for the entire gratuity up to $20. An select few will get their whole bill reimbursed, all because they asked for Heinz.

FoodSided also tells us that if the first ten restaurants are willing to bring Heinz into their life, the company will ensure that those restaurants get a year's supply of Heinz for free, just to help them get started on giving Americans what they want.

This isn't the first time Heinz has tried to use its ketchup for a greater cause than it being used to top hamburgers. In May 2022, Heinz actually rolled out plans for a new ketchup bottle with the purpose of reducing plastic waste.