Taco Bell Quietly Changed Its Guacamole And Fans Noticed

We get it – things change. It's inevitable. One minute you have a new favorite whipped peanut butter, and then just like that, it's gone forever from the shelves. There's nothing you can do about it because someone over in corporate probably said that the product wasn't working for one reason or another. Sometimes, the product remains but the recipe changes. But because there was no big fanfare to announce the change, you wonder if you're imagining things. So you're left scratching your head, asking when it happened.

At Taco Bell, a little bit of the opposite happened with the guacamole for some fans. In the past, people on Reddit have complained about the quality of the brand's guac. As one user put it, "It doesn't even taste like guacamole. And the texture....yuck. It's like yogurt." In a different thread, a Redditor even wondered if the prepackaged condiment was real. But things have changed since then. Taco Bell has a new guacamole recipe. A spokesperson for the company told Insider that this new version contains Hass avocados, among other ingredients, and fresh batches are made every day. The new offering caught people's attention and has caused some on the internet to speak up.

It's better than the old guac

According to the The Fast Food Post, Taco Bell's new guacamole is certified by The American Vegetarian Association and made with diced tomato, onion, seasoning, and a small amount of lime. It comes included with several menu items such as the Fiesta Veggie Burrito and the Power Menu Bowl. It can also be added to other menu items for an extra $1. Back in May, a Redditor who said they'd tried it posted, "The actual guac was chunky, had lots of bits of diced tomato and onion, notably limey with a tang, hints of garlic. Very good. Why aren't they advertising? Seems like a missed opportunity."

One person on the thread thought they saw bagged guac at their location. However, the original poster suggested that the new version may not have been available at all locations given how big the difference was: "Maybe they haven't switched yours over yet? This new one was unmistakably different from the old." Another commenter recommended, "Next time you get a fiesta veggie burrito see if you notice. That's the only thing I get with guac and it's definitely noticeably different."

While there seemed to be confusion around when and where the new recipe was released, most saw it as an improvement on the old version. Another Redditor said, "I'm not saying it's the best guacamole I've ever had by any stretch, but the old stuff was something I'd never order as a side."