TikTok Is Revolting Against Gordon Ramsay's Scrambled Egg Technique

Gordon Ramsay is actually being attacked by his fans for a change. This a surprise, given that the celebrity chef has made a name for himself by being quite critical of fans' culinary creations on his TikTok account, @gordonramsayofficial. Ramsay makes his opinions completely honest on this platform — which is similar to how he doesn't hold back on Hell's Kitchen. He does this through his #ramsayreacts series, which has nearly 8 billion views as of November 2022. The British Chef chastises everything from "pilk" cheese to never-ending pickles on a burger. 

In the end, however, all of Ramsay's comments are made in good fun. Some fans even hope to be roasted by the sharp-tongued chef, with users on social media formulating a list of meals they would cook for him if they ever got the opportunity. This time, though, Ramsay got a taste of his own medicine when a TikTok user called out his scrambled egg technique.

A TikTok user highlights an alternative cooking method

The TikTok account @letsmunch posted a video in response to a comment that asked them how they cooked their scrambled eggs. In the first clip, viewers could see a bowl of perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs, along with some potatoes. Then, the user actually goes into the tutorial, which consists of cracking the eggs into the pan and scraping them over medium to high heat. This is when Ramsay is put on the spot — when the TikToker states that the chef, "has no clue."

Here, @letsmunch is referencing Ramsay's famed "on and off the heat" technique, which he has publicly shared with budding chefs. In the past, Ramsay has recommended treating the process of making scrambled eggs like preparing risotto. With constant stirring and flip-flopping on and off the stovetop, this method supposedly results in a thick and creamy scrambled egg dish (via WatchTheDaily). With @letsmunch showing another way to achieve a similar result, however, the celebrity chef's legendary approach might have just met its match.