40% Of People Think They Could Win This Cooking Competition Show- Mashed Survey

Are you a MasterChef in the making, just waiting for your big break? Do you think you have what it takes to defeat "Hell's Kitchen?" If you believe that you're impervious to being eliminated or "chopped," and can picture yourself as the big winner on a competitive cooking show, you may want to take steps to make this dream a reality. And, thanks to an impressively long list of options, you can choose the show that best suits your particular skill set. 

Do you regularly whip up culinary masterpieces on a tight budget? The Food Network describes its "Guy's Grocery Games" as a grocery store-based cooking competition in which chefs have to find substitutions for missing ingredients, operate within a $10 spending limit, or use a small number of ingredients, making this an ideal choice.

Would you be able to whip up an entree using Guinea hen, nopales (the pads of a cactus), mixed oca, and 'o pere e 'o musso (boiled calf's snouts and pig's feet)? If odd ingredient baskets like this inspire you, "Chopped" may be your perfect match.

If snide remarks bounce right off your thick skin and you have an uncanny ability to cook chicken to perfection, you may want to vie to become the next "Hell's Kitchen" winner. 

When it comes to appearing on a reality TV cooking show, a recent Mashed survey showed that America clearly has a preference. Perhaps, it would be your pick too. Or not. 

Respondents favor a visit to Flavortown

When Mashed asked 604 people the question, "Which cooking competition show do you think you could win," 40.89% declared they'd be able to conquer "Guy's Grocery Games." "Chopped" was the distant runner-up with 18.54% of the votes and the third-place finisher was "Top Chef" with 14.9%. "Hell's Kitchen" earned 12.91% of the thumbs-up, while "Iron Chef" was determined the hardest to win with only 12.75% selecting it. 

What is it about "Guy's Grocery Games," (also known as "Triple G") that appeals to so many competitive foodies? Well, for one thing, everyone who's ever had to hunt for a little-known ingredient would love to have a 24,000-square-foot supermarket that carries 100,000 different things (per Food Network). Heck, even Fieri once admitted, "I'd do anything to have this be my actual grocery store."

Perhaps, it is Guy Fieri's high ranking on the likeability scale that makes people willing to face him. BuzzFeed points out that the public overwhelmingly thinks he is the nicest guy, that he did a great deal for restaurant workers during the pandemic, and that "Fieri is for the people." Or, maybe it's just because this quick-paced show seems like a lot of fun.