Hellman's Is Trying To Make Mayonnaise Eggnog A Thing

When it was first introduced to America, eggnog was an ale-based alcoholic beverage (per Why Christmas). From there, ale was traded for rum, and by the 1790s, it had risen in popularity so much that it was served by President George Washington. It's believed the beverage began as a posset — a mix of hot milk and alcohol that could be used to relieve cold and flu symptoms. It doesn't always contain alcohol today; in fact, store brands typically never do, but that hasn't changed Americans' love for it in the slightest. According to Vox, the American Egg Board revealed that $185 million was spent in the United States on eggnog in 2018. Though the decline of dairy products poses a threat to the traditional holiday beverage, vegan versions have become available to accommodate all who choose to enjoy it.

As much as Americans love the tried and true, there's also something appealing about fresh spin-offs to classic products. In a press release sent to Mashed, a new type of eggnog was revealed to help kick-start December.

It can only be found in NYC

According to a press release sent to Mashed, Hellman's Mayonnaise is collaborating with Muddling Memories' mixologist Cody Goldstein to create an eggnog drink that incorporates the brand's mayonnaise. Only available in Amy Fontaine's New York City store until December 15, the beverage contains Hellman's Mayonnaise, dark rum, whole milk, heavy cream, simple syrup, vanilla, apple brandy, nutmeg, and cinnamon. There will also be a non-alcoholic version available on site. If you're hoping to pair your drink with a treat, you can also try the limited-time Hellman's Mayonnaise Snickerdoodle Cookie, furnished with mayonnaise glaze and a pinch of spice.

Last week, Hellman's shared the partnership on Instagram along with a recipe for those who can't make it to the New York exclusive store. Fans in the comments felt mixed about the drink, with reactions ranging from "I'm calling the cops," to "Gotta try this at home!!" Hilariously, Hellman's left its own comment that read "Tell me you love Mayo without telling me you love Mayo."