TikTok Was Wow'd By Whole Foods' Made-To-Order Crème Brûlée

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It is coming to light that crème brûlée, which has traditionally been enjoyed by French royals (per Downton Abbey Cooks), is available made-to-order at select Whole Foods.

Despite its seemingly posh name, crème brûlée is a lot more accessible than most people might think. In fact, the average cost for this European dessert is $5 to $8 (via El Meson). While every patisserie may not carry this delicacy, it is still relatively easy to make — usually only requiring minimal ingredients such as cream, vanilla, salt, egg yolks, and sugar (and, ideally, a torch) (via The New York Times).

And for those who don't even have the time to spare for that process, it also comes in packaged versions that can be bought at Target. But for people living by a Whole Foods in particular, this cream dessert can be found fresh — torched and all — in the bakery section of the store.

The perfect crème brûlée at Whole Foods

TikToker @nicoleaxelrod shared on her platform that the health foods chain sells freshly prepared crème brûlée. She takes the viewer through her journey of acquiring the dessert, ending the video by bringing the watcher into her car where she tries the treat. She notes how the dish was "so good" and how fun the top layer was to crack.

In the comments, many users expressed how they just became aware of the fact that Whole Foods served crème brûlée through this video. @limahbyrd wrote, "omg the can brûlée to order ?!? SINCE WHEN???? i've always loved their creme brûlées."

More seasoned crème brûlée eaters were shocked at the fact that Axelrod ate the dessert with a fork, such as @jamiekelli77, who wrote, "It killed me that you ate that with a fork!" In response to this particular comment, the TikToker noted that this location ran out of spoons, hence her choice of utensils.

She also made a reference to "High School Musical," where the dessert is featured in the popular song, "Stick to the Status Quo," which has the lyrics, "Someday I hope to make the perfect creme brulee" (via Soundtrack Lyrics). With the amount of exposure this video has gotten, with over 76,000 likes and 280 comments, there is no doubt that many people will be looking for "the perfect crème brûlée" during their next Whole Foods run.