The Perfect Caviar To Try If You're A Beginner

Caviar is an exotic, lavish dish that isn't typically in frequent rotation on many people's home menus — there's a reason the word doubles as a term describing the very best of something. Caviar is a dish made from the salted eggs of large fish, typically from the sturgeon family (per Merriam-Webster), and can be an acquired taste thanks to its delicate, oceanic flavor profile. An appetizer associated with richness and opulence, caviar is one of the most expensive delicacies in the world, with some variations going for the price of a part-time salary weighing in at a whopping $25,000 per KG (per Caviar Star). Even a small tin can of caviar from the grocery store can rack up to over $100 for only a small portion.

While it may not be one of the most accessible foods, every experience-seeking foodie should try caviar at least once. The good news is that as expensive as it is, caviar comes in many varieties and there are great options for entry-level caviar connoisseurs.

There are options for caviar beginners

Not only are there options for entry-level caviar flavors, but there are even some brands that sell the delicacy for reasonable prices. For affordable caviar, shop domestically. According to Martha Stewart and the founder of The Caviar Company Petra Bergstein, buying your caviar from American brands eliminates the cost of import taxes, duties, and permits. If you do want to try a competitively-priced import, The Caviar Company's $95 Siberian sturgeon boasts a nutty, smooth flavor profile.

Another great option for beginners is the commonly-enjoyed Osetra sturgeon caviar. Known to be one of the most sought-after caviar variations on the market, Only Fine Foods describes this robust dish as buttery and nutty — a perfect start for the novice caviar buff.

Finding your footing in the world of caviar isn't always easy due to the wide variety of options and expensive barriers to entry, but once you can identify the flavors and textures that you enjoy, it's much easier to navigate. Serious Eats says to consider whether you prefer buttery over nutty flavors or fishy to salty. Once you can assemble your ideal pallet, the decisions come easier.

Although it's luxurious, don't be afraid to dive into the exciting world of caviar, food is all about discovery!