Here's Why Sample Workers At Costco Don't Have The Same Benefits As Other Employees

There are many reasons why you may love shopping at Costco, from the affordable prices to the fact that employees receive great benefits like health care coverage, bonuses, and free memberships (per Yahoo Money). Another reason might be the delicious snack samples — after all, who doesn't want to try before they buy? Not only do sample workers give out samples, but they also prepare them. During a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), one Costco sample worker said the most time-consuming sample prepared was a pot roast that took 25 minutes per batch.

The sample workers also sell the product — as it turns out, the main reason brands love to offer samples to Costco members is because it typically results in more salesThe Atlantic reports that offering samples may increase sales by as much as 2000%. With such an important position, you might think the sample workers would be the MVPs of the Costco team. If so, you may be surprised to learn they are not actually Costco employees and are therefore not entitled to the same perks.

Excuse me, where is the ...?

The sample worker who participated in the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) dropped a bombshell when they revealed they actually work for a company called CDS, a "Club Demo" company and Costco's sample program partner. The sample worker explained to Reddit, "They only operate in Costco. And the employees only work one Costco so [I don't know]. [That's] also why I [don't] get paid like a Costco employee."

"Wait, not Costco employees!? I had no idea!" one Redditor responded. That would explain why the person offering samples may not know where specific items in the store are located — so if you need to know which aisle the ranch dressing or paper towels are in, you may have to find another employee. 

While CDS may not offer the same pay and benefits that Costco employees receive, the product demonstration company does offer some of their team who work enough hours benefits like a retirement plan, health insurance, and paid time off, according to CDS.