The Subreddit Dedicated To The World's Worst Crimes Against Pizza

Pizza is one of the world's most celebrated foods. In fact, the practice of making Neapolitan "Pizzaiuolo," a pizza marked by a specific dough preparation and wood firing made in Naples, was listed on UNESCO's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage (via UNESCO) on December 6 in 2007 (via USA Today). Almost every culture has its own form of pizza, including tom yum pizza inspired by the Thai soup of the same name, or a paneer tikka pizza made with garam masala spices (per USA Today).

But not everyone is keen on the perhaps nontraditional toppings that sometimes grace our pizza pies; in fact, there are some pizza toppings that are emphatically hated. BBC calls pineapple "a pizza topping that divides the world," adding that it even caused a riff between Iceland and Canada when Icelandic president Gudni Thorlacius Johannesson shared his dislike of the topping, claiming he would outlaw it if he could, a statement for which he later apologized for after backlash (via BBC).

Then there are anchovies, which have also divided pizza lovers, with many saying they dislike fish on their pizza (via Today) while others say fish is a delectable addition to a pie, as long as the fish is cured properly (via Massoni NYC).

Suffice it to say, even common ingredients on pizza can be controversial. But what about uncommon? Well, it turns out there's a Reddit thread, just for that.

What's the grossest pizza topping you can imagine? Reddit's here to give you some ideas

There are some pizza toppings that are just too much to handle, and Redditors have taken to the platform to share some of the worst pizza creations they've ever come across in a subreddit called r/PizzaCrimes. It's the only place you'll see things like beans, tuna, and pineapple pizza in disgusting detail.

One Redditor, u/xeroxcz, shared a pic of what they say is pizza topped with spaghetti and German sausage that takes unappetizing to whole new levels. Redditor u/Laez shared a witty reply, writing, "This is the wurst thing ever done to a pizza."

Another Redditor u/xiongmao1337, who claims to live in China, shared a pic of a very unappetizing pizza noting it was topped with chicken, rice, corn kernels, and yes, Oreos, also stating, "this is the only pizza available for delivery near me. send help." Redditors shared their thoughts in the comments, including u/tipustiger05, who suggested they take the matter into their own hands, writing, "Time to make your own, man."