For Chewier Brownies, Crank Up That Oven

Brownies have been a part of American confectionery since the late 1800s and a multitude of brownie varieties have emerged in the decades since. While home bakers have come up with many creative flavors and consistencies, the dessert usually comes in one of three main forms; fudgy, cakey, or chewy. Even though the base of each type of brownie generally starts off with a similar recipe, proponents of each brownie variety will passionately defend their favorite confection.

Those who crave light and fluffy desserts will probably enjoy cakey brownies best, which can be achieved by creating an airy batter similar to that of a chocolate cake (via Land O'Lakes). Alternately, fudgy brownies offer an ooey gooey chocolatey experience wrapped up in a moist, bread-pudding-like package. While it's obvious to dessert lovers everywhere that both of these brownie varieties have their virtues, there's one type of brownie that combines the best features of both. Chewy brownies represent the delicious happy medium in the brownie debate.

A hotter oven can make for even chewier brownies

The most important part of what makes up a chewy brownie's consistency is its moist yet lightly crunchy crust. For many, this coveted consistency is what makes the quintessential brownie, but the secret to getting the dessert just right is a skill that can prove to be an unexpected challenge for bakers.

According to Epicurious, the secret to baking the perfectly chewy brownie is all in your oven settings. Cranking your oven up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and baking the brownies for approximately 20 minutes seems to be the perfect recipe for creating moist brownies with a delightfully crisp crust.

This hack works because the heat from the high baking temperature gives the sugars and fats in the brownies enough time to create a mouth-watering caramelized texture on the crust, but not enough time to create that same texture all the way through the dessert. If you're still craving brownies with a bit more elasticity, adding an additional egg and some extra flour to your recipe can help take your brownies to the next level.