Ree Drummond Thinks This Chain Queso Is So Good It's Illegal

When you are a celebrity chef, so much of your life revolves around food. And while whipping up delicious dishes is inherently associated with work, for most celebrity chefs, it's also associated with play. Take Ree Drummond, for example. Many of the mouthwatering comfort foods that you see in "The Pioneer Woman" are actually what Drummond eats in a day, including heartwarming dishes such as meat and potatoes and chicken parmesan. But if the Oklahoma native had to pick the food that she adores the most, it would be cheese.

This dairy product is not just The Pioneer Woman's favorite food, it's also the one that she eats most often. "One thing I eat everyday would have to be cheese," the TV personality shared with TODAY. "Cheese of any kind. I will take it any way I can get it ... I never met a cheese I didn't like."

Whether it's on a board, sliced from a block, slipped inside a sandwich, or scattered across a salad, Drummond wants the cheese. Unsurprisingly, the television star also likes cheese in a sauce, meaning that queso is a staple when Drummond is noshing on Mexican cuisine. In an interview with Delish, Drummond gushed about restaurant queso that she discovered in 2015, referring to it as "the best queso she's ever had."

The Pioneer Woman loves discovering new cheesy recipes to recreate

According to Ree Drummond, this unparalleled queso comes from a drive-thru close to her daughter's former college. "The queso there is so good that that alone told me I'm going to be visiting her a lot," Drummond shared with Delish in 2015. "I think they put something illegal in it, because I can't figure it out. You buy it by the pint, and I've eaten it hot, I've eaten it cool, I've cut it into slices and examined it, trying to figure out the recipe."

At the time of this interview, Drummond's eldest daughter Alex had most likely just started school at Texas A&M University. The university is centrally located in the middle of Houston, Dallas, and Austin, therefore, the drive-thru, Fuego, that Drummond is referring to also likely lies somewhere in that area.

It seems like the only thing that Drummond likes more than cheese is finding new cheesy dishes to recreate. On The Pioneer Woman blog, Drummond revealed her favorite breakfast meal, migas. The cookbook author discovered it when visiting her sister in Austin, Texas. At the time, all Drummond wanted was a McDonald's breakfast, but when she took her first bite of Migas it changed her life. "I was instantly hooked, and spent the next several months perfecting my own version," she shared. Migas includes scrambled eggs, peppers, jalapeños, onions, chopped corn tortillas, and of course, cheese.