Courteney Cox Hilariously Jokes About How Real New Yorkers Eat Pizza

The U.S. is home to at least 31 regional pizza styles, according to Food Network, and there's no better place than New York City to start trying them all. Tied with Rome for best pizzerias in the world in 50 Top Pizza's annual survey (via CNBC), 'za lovers can find several types of the Italian staple in the Big Apple. However, the aptly-named New York style is probably the most iconic of the bunch.

This particular variety is available just about everywhere you turn in the city – but you better not even think about grabbing yourself a slice if you don't know the proper methodology of chowing it down. Fortunately, "Friends" star Courteney Cox recently shared a few pointers on her Instagram page this week for all the NY pizza newbies of the world.

"First what you do is dab it. Get all the oil off," the actor instructed in the December 7 upload before explaining that "authentic New Yorkers" use utensils to cut off "a little bite at a time" while Sicilians "roll it like a pizza pie." Cox also showed how to scrape all the cheese to one area of the 'za, which she said you could rip off for someone craving double cheese, and even divulged an off-menu style of "special" pizza consisting of a piece of crust topped with scraps of the saucy base. "If you can get it in three bites then you're a real New Yorker," she explained before completing the feat herself.

Some people took Courteney Cox's pizza-eating parody a bit too seriously

You might think Courteney Cox knows all about being a New Yorker — she did play one on TV for ten years. But despite "Friends" being set in The Big Apple, The Hollywood Reporter says the show was actually filmed almost entirely in California, so Cox may not be the expert we all thought. Still, that didn't stop her from demonstrating how to eat a slice of New York-style pizza in a hilarious Instagram post that, as of this writing, has been liked over 245,000 times.

The actor's unconventional method got some support from diners at the pizza joint, though it should be noted that the video was very much a joke. And while some of Cox's followers were able to pick up on her sarcasm, like Academy Award-winner Mira Sorvino, who called Cox "hilarious," many others appeared to have missed the humor in her post. "I'm Italian and this is not acceptable!!!" Instagram user @silana_galfano commented. "As a native NYer, I've never been more offended," said another, while someone else explained what about the video made so many confused.

"The problem is, Courteney is so good a straight-faced comedy, I have no idea if this video is tongue-in-cheek or genuine. I have always wanted to go to New York but I've never been," they said. So what should you do when eating a slice of NY pizza? "You fold it in half and eat!!" one user exclaimed.