Chick-Fil-A Employees Have Mixed Feelings About Discounts, According To Reddit

When it comes to fast food customer service, Chick-fil-A ranks leaps and bounds above. This is evident in its eight years of earning the title of the most satisfied customers, according to QSR magazine. While it is necessary to treat customers well, it is also essential to treat the workers well. Such an ideology tends to yield higher employee satisfaction which increases retention rates. Also, people who are satisfied with their job tend to perform better — case in point, Costco. The big box discount store is open about its commitment to the well-being of its employees. During the pandemic, this served them well as employees stayed on board and sales increased (via CNN).

Regarding fast food employees, one perk of the job is receiving free or deeply discounted food during a shift. With the need for more employees, signs displaying this perk, along with other benefits, can be seen at an array of fast food restaurants (via Fountain). However, a recent Reddit thread revealed that Chick-fil-A employees have mixed feelings about the meal discounts they are receiving.

Employees love food, too

To compare employee discount practices across the independently operated Chick-fil-A stores, a Reddit user inquired about the discount other locations received. The user advised that at their place, they were only given a $5 meal credit which wasn't even enough to get a chicken sandwich and a waffle fry. Worse, if the shift was short, such a meal wasn't guaranteed. What followed was a flurry of mixed responses. Some echoed their sentiment, while others expressed much better conditions at their location.

One user responded by outlining how their location had a more liberal policy when it came to discounts saying, "We got a 30-minute break as long as we worked 4.5 hours or more and could order whatever we wanted ... We also could get whatever fountain drinks we wanted throughout our shift, but no lemonade, coffee, OJ, etc ... We'd also generally be given free meals if we ever came by while not working unless a strict manager was there."

Other users expressed having a more generous meal allowance stating, "$6.50 for team members every shift, even if you just clocked in for 20 minutes to be the cow ... Team leaders can get $7.50 every shift" and, "$8 meal at our location but if you get breakfast food it's 6$ since breakfast is cheaper. $8 can actually get you a lot more than you think." With such varied standards, hopefully, Chick-fil-A will consider a more standard policy that satisfies the majority of employees.