Gordon Ramsay Was Sickened By The State Of A Tiktoker's Stove

Over the course of his career, culinary superstar Gordon Ramsay has encountered some sights that are straight out of a shop of horrors. While these kitchen misdeeds have entertained viewers and enhanced his television career, it's hard to "un-see" some of the stomach-churning images watchers have been exposed to on "Kitchen Nightmares." 

One of the most horrific episodes revolved around Dillon's, a restaurant that appeared to break every health code on the books. The eatery was riddled with flies, a sure sign that something was awry behind the scenes.

Upon inspection, the kitchen and food storage areas were enough to make even the most seasoned viewer look for a bucket. The "cooks" stirred dishes on the floor, the burgers were furry with mold, the chicken was a shade of green, rat droppings were everywhere, and hordes of cockroaches roamed freely.

When he visited the Secret Garden restaurant, this YouTube video shows that he was faced with so much moldy food that the fridge and bottles, themselves, were starting to mold. Once he poked at a few potatoes and released an impressive collection of maggots, Ramsay ran for the bathroom to be sick. One can only wonder how the Secret Garden is doing now.  

Despite seeing a myriad of putrid things during the course of his career, Gordon Ramsay still couldn't believe the state of one TikTok cook's stove. 

Gordon Ramsay called this TikTok user a disgusting man

In a recent TikTok duet with @alexey_3101_, Gordon Ramsay claims, "I've seen some dirty kitchens in my career, but this is the ultimate." The scene pans to a man cooking up fish in a frying pan on a stove that is covered in a dark and crusty layer of filth.

Ramsay is completely revolted, calling the individual a "disgusting man," and asking him to take a look at the state of his stove. He then goes on to rage that "there's more food on that ring (burner) than there is on that pan... That stove makes me feel sick."

When it comes to making someone feel sick, this is not a case of mere hyperbole. Clinical Professor of Microbiology and Pathology at NYU School of Medicine, Philip Tierno Jr, Ph.D, told NBC that neglecting to clean off food messes on your stove can lead to the growth of microbes.

Bleh, microbes. One can only imagine what sorts of microbial metropolises have taken up residence on this TikTok user's stove. After all, you know it's bad when it can make the man who's tackled the worst kitchen nightmares feel sick.