eBay Is Selling A Vintage McDonald's Grimace Costume That's Absolutely Terrifying

There once was a time when McDonald's McDonaldland characters were as well-known as the Big Mac and as adored by children as the eatery's famous fries. Yes, Ronald McDonald and his friends (Grimace, Mayor McCheese, Hamburglar, the Fry Guys, and more) were as famous as the stars of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon and just as beloved. But some people were less eager to embrace McDonald's clown and his posse. 

Entertainment Weekly, for instance, points to an Ace Metrix study that showed that most people have a negative response to Ronald and that they frequently used the word "creepy" to describe him. Perhaps it isn't completely Ronald's fault. After all, the fear of clowns in general is quite common. In fact, Vox conducted a poll in 2016 that revealed that 42% of your fellow citizens possess a fear of clowns (coulrophobia) to some degree. They even rated the clown more fearsome than terrorism or dying. And that's not the only scary McDonaldland creature. 

When Grimace first turned up at McDonaldland, he was actually called "Evil Grimace" and, as Insider confesses, his sole goal in life was the thievery of milkshakes. McDonald's former chief creative officer Roy Bergold told QSR that the original version was "scaly, mean-looking, had four arms, and no charm." They remade him into the kindhearted, blob with only two arms that he is today. Although, a vintage Grimace costume of this "revamped" purple creation that is on sale on eBay doesn't exactly scream out, "love me." 

This vintage Grimace suit is selling for $2500

For a mere (cough, sputter) $2500 you can dress up as the world's best-known purple blob anytime the urge hits. Sporting just a few holes under the armpit, this circa 1970s mascot suit is up for grabs on eBay and has been watched 83 times in the past day. Okay, there are times when Grimace has looked cute and cuddly, but this isn't one of those moments. Are those the eyes of the deranged, or what? 

In case you're wondering what exactly Grimace is, you are not the first to ask that question. Brian Bates, McDonald's Canada's Outstanding Manager of 2021, told CBC that Grimace is "an enormous taste bud." In a follow-up e-mail to USA Today, however, a company spokesperson said, "Whether he's a taste bud, a milkshake, or just your favorite purple blob — the best part about Grimace is that he means different things to different people ... we're just proud our bestie makes people happy." So, there you have it. This costume can be a taste bud, if you wish, or pretty much any other purple lump you want it to be. If you have a spare $2500 kicking around that is.