Carvel Just Dropped New Kit Kat Duo Inspired Sundaes For The Winter

When you're craving a frozen sweet treat, you have a plethora of chain ice cream shops to choose from. Right up there in popularity with Dairy Queen and Coldstone Creamery is Carvel. It's garnered its share of fans over the years thanks to its famous soft-serve ice cream and long list of frozen desserts, specifically its wildly popular ice cream cakes. One Washington Post writer even wrote an entire ode to the ice cream chain, saying, "Carvel is creamy and fluffy... It disappears practically upon mouth contact, leaving only a slight chill and lovely sweetness."

While Carvel may be best known for ice cream cakes — especially the OG Fudgie the Whale cake — it also has plenty of other ice cream-related treats on its menu, including milkshakes, banana splits, and the signature Carvelanches. Now, just in time for the holidays, Carvel has come out with two new ice cream sundaes themed around a crowd-favorite candy: Kit Kat Duos. Here's what you need to know about the limited-edition sundaes and how you can try them for yourself.

There are two seasonal Sundae Dasher flavors

If you love Kit Kats, you may want to try the new Sundae Dashers at Carvel. Both are themed around Kit Kat Duos flavors (and in case you didn't know, a Sundae Dasher is the chain's take on a classic sundae, featuring layers of ice cream, toppings, and syrups or sauces.) The Strawberry Kit Kat Duos Sundae Dasher consists of strawberry soft-serve ice cream, hot fudge, and Kit Kat pieces, all topped with whipped cream and more crushed-up Kit Kats. On the other hand, the Mint Kit Kat Duos Sundae Dasher looks very similar with hot fudge, chopped Kit Kats, and whipped cream, but instead features mint soft-serve ice cream.

According to a press release from the restaurant, the new Kit Kat Duos Sundae Dashers will be available for a limited time only at select Carvel shops across the country. You can order them in-store, or for pickup or delivery via