TikTok May Have The Perfect Hack For Cutting Hard-Boiled Eggs

There's a wide world of appetizers and hors d'oeuvres to choose from when you've been enlisted to bring a snack to a friend's holiday party or are even playing host to one of your own. From chips and dip and crudité to gooey sticks of fried cheese, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finger foods. However, if you're looking for the perfect app that's sure to please a crowd this holiday season, you may need to look no further than deviled eggs.

Deemed the appetizer that people most want to see served at a Christmas party, this beloved, bite-sized treat can be done up several different ways. In fact, just on the Food Network website alone, a search for "deviled eggs" yields over 150 results, and so long as you're not fixing them with bleu cheese, which is widely considered to be the worst ingredient that people put on deviled eggs, all signs point to this starter being hit (via Food Network).

As if we needed another reason to make the case for this potluck fave, the dish is also fairly easy to make, not to mention a quick fix, as well. Though The Kitchn suggests you can make them ahead of time, in their simplest form, a plate of classic deviled eggs can be ready to serve in a little more than 30 minutes. However, thanks to a clever hack recently shared by TikTok user @andrealanev, you may be able to cut that down even more.

TikTok is stunned by this mind-blowing deviled egg hack

Deviled eggs may err on the easier side of appetizers to make, but when you're in the midst of hectic holiday party prep, meticulously cutting hard-boiled eggs in half might be the last thing you can focus on. Fortunately, one TikTok user recently discovered a handy trick that makes the task a breeze.

In their November 16 post, the TikToker, whose name is Andrea VanderWerker, can be seen laying the back end of her knife vertically along a hard-boiled egg. She then pulls the utensil towards her, subsequently causing the egg to roll across the cutting board while the blade pierces through the white in a single, fluid motion. The result? Two perfect halves of a hard-boiled egg that are ready to be filled, and a yolk that is completely intact.

"If you guys all knew about cutting hard-boiled eggs like this, and you didn't tell me...we're gonna have some serious beef. Okay?" VanderWerker says in the viral video that has over 26 million views. Fortunately, however, it seems like there's no beef to be had, as many others admitted they'd never seen the trick before. "Day 9865 that TikTok taught me something that I should've learned in school," one person commented. "My mind is blown," another quipped. "Why didn't anyone tell us?" asked a third. We don't know, but we're certainly glad that we now know about this eggcellent TikTok hack.