Did Taco Bell Get Rid Of Gorditas?

It's quite disheartening to pull up to a drive-thru, order your favorite menu item, and be told the product no longer offers it. Sadly, Taco Bell is one of those companies that eliminate items from its menu quite often, usually sparking a social media frenzy begging for their return. In early 2021, the 7-Layer Burrito disappeared as an option, prompting fans to look up its ingredients and order it anyway (per In The Know). Because the offer was vegetarian, it was a popular option among fans of the lifestyle. The ordering trick was introduced to TikTok, proving that if anything, the younger generations are quite innovative.

Another time, a dessert item was under attack. According to Alternative Press, Taco Bell was stealthy when discontinuing the Caramel Apple Empanada. Luckily, the beloved Cinnamon Twists still offer an alternative dessert option for those with a sweet tooth. A few years ago, another quiet removal occurred, perhaps taking fans longer to recognize than other products.

It was discontinued in 2019

In case you didn't notice, Taco Bell's Gordita was officially discontinued in November of 2019 (via El Meson). The removal was likely unexpected for long-term fans, as it's been a menu staple since 1998. The product itself was made of vegetables, meats, and cheeses stuffed into a fried dough shell.

Last year, a Reddit user made the realization that the item was no more. "What happened to the Gordita?," they wrote in the header, continuing with, "I miss the Gordita. I didn't know it was gone." In their defense, they admitted they don't go to Taco Bell very often. A Reddit user offered insight on what they believe was the reason behind so many product removals. "Taco Bell vastly simplified their menu, cutting out things that were hard to make, required special ingredients or packaging," they wrote. This just goes to show you that all good things come to an end. Maybe in the future, the Tex-Mex brand will release something similar.