Burger King Fans Spotted A New Shroom N' Swiss Whopper Melt

The world was first introduced to the Whopper way back in 1957. Yes, Burger King's paper-swaddled bundle of joy has been kicking around for a long time and, over the past 65 years, it has enjoyed a colorful history. Speaking of "colorful," this iconic burger has been made with buns in a rainbow collection of hues over the years. People magazine points to the 2020 release of the Angriest Whopper (not to be confused with the Angry Whopper) and its shocking red bun, while Thrillist adds that Burger King's "Nightmare King" came perched on a bun of neon green, a follow-up to the chain's black-bunned Whopper first introduced for Halloween in 2015. No one can accuse the Whopper of being dull. 

Always willing to shrug off the status quo, the Whopper decided to shed its trademark bun completely and instead, try its hand at toasted bread. In March of this year, Burger King introduced three entirely new variations of the traditional Whopper — the Whopper Melt, Spicy Whopper Melt, and Bacon Whopper Melt (via Penn Live). The regular Whopper Melt consisted of two Whopper Jr. patties, caramelized onions, and some American cheese between two pieces of toast, smothered in Stacker Sauce. The spicy version boasted jalapeños and a spicier sauce, while the bacon version featured (you guessed it) bacon.

It doesn't end there. Now, there are reported sightings of an entirely new Whopper Melt. 

This Melt is limited to test locations

Introducing the Shroom n' Swiss Whopper Melt, a savory little number that Burger King describes as two pieces of toast bedecked by a double helping of Whopper Jr. patties plus "melty Swiss Cheese, fire-roasted mushrooms, and Royal Sauce." The Fast Food Post shares that this offering is currently being tested at select Burger King locations on a limited-time basis, while one of the outlet's readers says it sells at his nearest Burger King for $4.69. If it performs well, maybe it will make an appearance at your favorite BK too.

While there don't appear to be any reviews for this latest melt as of yet, the original Whopper melt had a mixed reception. A taste test by The Washington Post said the bread was "spongy," the cheese didn't melt evenly, and noted that the sandwich left a sickly sweet taste in your mouth. On the other hand, a reviewer at The Takeout called it "meatier" than the regular Whopper, adding that the bread was a great choice, the cheese was perfectly "gooey," and that Burger King should completely replace the Whopper with these melts. Talk about opposing reactions. 

If you love mushrooms and Swiss you may thoroughly enjoy the Shroom n' Swiss. Or you may liken it to a sponge as well. Hopefully, it will appear at your Burger King and you can be both judge and jury.