Seth Meyers Broke Lizzo With His Disgusting Grrls Cocktail

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or the end of a long day, sometimes nothing tastes sweeter than a refreshing cocktail. The best part about these boozy beverages is there is truly one for every tastebud. 77 cocktails have been deemed official by the International Bartenders Association, and those are just the IBA "recognized" cocktails (via The Bar Cabinet).

From the Cape Codder to the martini, the Gibson to the Dark 'n' Stormy, there's a reason these classic cocktails are all so well-known. The one thing these alcoholic beverages all have in common? Each one only requires two ingredients for you to shake and stir (via Liquor). For instance, all you need for a classic martini recipe is gin and dry vermouth, while a Dark 'n' Stormy only features ginger beer and rum.

But that's not to say that less is always more. Some of the most complex cocktails are also delicious, including the Bloody Mary, which can include as many as 14 ingredients (via Liquor). That said, ensuring that all these ingredients complement each other is an entirely different story. On "Late Night with Seth Meyers," the show's host tries his hand at bartending for his special guest, Lizzo. To say that Meyers went a little overboard with the cocktail ingredients would be an understatement.

Lizzo said Seth Meyers's cocktail tasted like Heinz ketchup

If you've been privy to Seth Meyers's "day drinking" talk show segment in the past, then you know the type of tomfoolery that goes down in these episodes. From Meyers belting out "Since You've Been Gone" with Kelly Clarkson to the host baking the Barefoot Contessa a pink birthday cake, many rib-tickling moments have occurred since the series began.

Unsurprisingly, hilarity ensued during pop sensation Lizzo's appearance in this series (via YouTube). After playing a game involving tequila shots, Meyers began shaking up specialty cocktails inspired by Lizzo's hit songs. The first cocktail was called "About Damn Wine." "I see what you did there," Lizzo remarked. The cocktail simply involved Meyers mixing together four different types of wine. 

Things only got worse from there. The next cocktail was called "Grrls," and each ingredient involved a drink with the name of a woman: sherry, a margarita, a Bloody Mary, and a Dr. Pepper. Why Dr. Pepper? "I know we've had this argument before, women can be doctors," Meyers jokingly explained.

The drinking buddies were both excited to try the drink, but as soon as she tasted the concoction, Lizzo's expression soured. "Your face is betraying your review," Meyers remarked. "That tastes like f***ing Heinz ketchup, b**ch," Lizzo exclaimed. The Bloody Mary that went in there probably didn't help matters! The "Good As Hell" singer doesn't usually spend her afternoons guzzling down cocktails — here's what Lizzo really eats in a day