You Can Order A Coke Float At McDonald's

Some restaurants, like Starbucks, are all about secret menu hacks. But just because McDonald's menu isn't made up of approximately 50% secret menu hacks doesn't mean there aren't a few seriously worth knowing. Hacks like ordering your fries with no salt to ensure you get them piping hot and made fresh to order and ordering a round egg patty separately from your Sausage McMuffin and then putting them together yourself to save a little coin are just some of the off-menu tips and tricks that are always worth knowing (per

Menu hacks can even help bump up Mickey D's dessert menu, which can be a little threadbare. In fact, if you're ordering outside the U.S., this menu option isn't even a hack, it's a full-blown part of the menu. Known abroad as McFloat, the Coke or Dr. Pepper float is a popular menu item in Indonesia, India, and the Philippines; and the Frozen Coke McFloat, something like a Slurpee with soft serve ice cream on top, is available in New Zealand (per Insider & McDonald's). However, stateside, you'll have to settle for one of the menu hacks below to get your float fix.

The make-your-own McFloat

While the version of this drink that's popular abroad is made with Coke (also called a brown cow here in the States), you can use this same hack to make yourself a McDonald's root beer float. But be aware, not all McDonald's sell root beer (per Reddit). For our purposes, we'll refer to the beverage as a Coke.

Now, there are a couple of ways you can do this. You want to order a large Coke with no ice. This is easiest done if you're talking to a live person — such as ordering in person or through the drive-through — but if you're using the app, include a note. You'll also want to order a plain vanilla sundae, no toppings, and a medium water. You can also do this with a vanilla cone, but it's messy, and frankly, you get enough ice cream for two floats with the sundae so you might as well go for it.

Now pour out your water — you just needed it for the empty cup. Pour half of your Coke into the empty water cup, then spoon half your sundae into the liquid. Spoon the other half into your Coke cup and voila: two floats. If you just want one giant float, drink or pour off about a third of the Coke and add your whole sundae to the remaining two-thirds (yes, you still want to order it with no ice). There you have it: Coke McFloats, hacked.