28% Of People Think This Is The Most Underrated Side Dish At Wendy's- Mashed Survey

No matter how good an entrée is, it wouldn't be complete without accompanying side items. Sometimes, consumers actually enjoy sides better than the main dish itself. When Reddit user Auraeseal asked the platform what sides are usually more enjoyable than the entrée it's served with, hundreds of people voiced their opinions. Answers ranged from garlic bread and mashed potatoes to macaroni and cheese and grilled mushrooms.

Side items serve as a great way to diversify a menu, according to CSP and a spokesperson from research firm Technomics. "[Sides] provide the flexibility needed to meet increasingly personalized consumer need states that can help to drive incremental traffic," they said. The report also revealed that 55% of customers order side items during most restaurant visits, and 37% have chosen an entrée based on the side it's served with. 

When you visit Wendy's, you're able to add a side to your meal, a decision that may seem like a complicated one. If you're indecisive, you might find you agree with the answers provided to us from a poll of our readers.

The chili doesn't receive enough love

Here at Mashed, we recently conducted a survey of our readers to find out the most underrated side item served at Wendy's. Out of 582 answers, 28.52% felt the chili doesn't receive enough love, followed by the sour cream and chive baked potato with 25.60% of votes. The chili cheese fries racked up 16.84% of votes, while pub fries garnered 15.12% of votes. The plain baked potato was the least underrated side dish with votes equaling 13.92%.

As beloved as the chili might be, many changed their stance on it when an alleged Wendy's worker revealed to TikTok how it's made. The video has since been deleted, but according to Newsweek, it demonstrated a man adding water to old patties before placing them in the microwave. After that, the beef was ground up, and the mixture was placed in the refrigerator. If you're a huge fan of the chili, however; don't fret just yet. It's unknown if the claims are true, so you may be able to contain your disappointment.