63% Of People Prefer This Flavor Of Pancake Syrup- Mashed Survey

Back in olden times, at least as they're depicted in "Little House on the Prairie" and various costume dramas, people ate their flapjacks with stuff like sorghum (whatever that is) or maybe molasses. In the modern supermarket era, we call them pancakes and prefer to top them with syrup. If Mrs. Butterworth and her friends in the syrup aisle are anything to go by, it still mostly comes in one flavor, that being brown. That may be meant to mimic maple, but unless you're paying big bucks for your syrup, the flavoring's probably the imitation kind. Anyone who's ever ventured out to an IHOP, however, knows that there are other syrup flavors, as well, these being blue, pink, and purple. (OK, we know these are technically colors, not flavors, but really, would you have ever guessed at "boysenberry" if the bottle weren't labeled as such?)

With such a spectrum of syrups available to us, which one is the people's pancake preference? Time for yet another exclusive Mashed survey. We gave our pollees a choice of five flavors, these being blueberry, blackberry, maple, raspberry, and strawberry. (No, Fruity Pebbles syrup did not make the cut.) After tabulating the poll results, we found that when it comes to pancakes, we're not really into eating the rainbow.

The majority go for maple flavor

Yes, with pancake syrups, brown is best, at least according to the 63.57% who picked maple as their favorite flavor. Keep in mind, however, that maple and maple flavor aren't necessarily the same thing. While genuine maple syrup might be having a moment with foodies, a 2015 Google consumer survey (via the Chicago Tribune) found that the vast majority of us prefer maple-flavored pancake syrups to the real deal. Just as well, really, since they're a lot more affordable.

Of the colorful, fruity syrups we posed, each had their fans. 16.32% of the people we polled like their pancakes smothered in strawberry syrup. In third place, with 8.93%, is blueberry syrup. Another pink syrup, raspberry, got 7.22% for a fourth-place finish, while the blue/purple blackberry came in last with just 3.95%.

Are you unexcited by any of these syrups? You can always opt for alternate pancake toppings, instead. Try replacing your usual syrup with honey, jelly, whipped cream, fresh fruit, Nutella, or even cookie crumbs and ice cream for a real breakfast treat.